Hail, Victoria!

It has been very quiet on the radio front for quite some time…well, at least with things that would be of much interest to this site’s readers. Radio is still trending toward cost-cutting in the commercial sphere and , all too often, selling out to be religious or NPR drones on the non-commercial side of the dial.

Of course, there are some bright spots…and, after quietly removing a few no-longer-worthy outlets from the Radio page, I am very happy to welcome two new-to-the-list stations to the KoHoSo music party. As it so happens, both of these broadcast from the beautiful city of Victoria in British Columbia.

CFUV 101.9 FM in Victoria

Click on the logo to visit the CFUV website!

CFUV comes from the University of Victoria. I’ve known about this station for ages so I’m not sure why it didn’t fully capture my attention until now. However, after doing quite a bit of listening to it over the past week, I have become extremely impressed with its music selection and variety…so much so that I might now consider it to be one of the top college stations in North America. There are a few spoken word/talk programs and they do run the now-ubiquitous Democracy Now once a day. However, the vast majority of programming is all about music with quite a few specialty shows to break up the usual college radio fare and all with very few repeats. CFUV is well worth checking out at almost any time day or night.


Click on the logo to visit the CKKQ website!

CKKQ — better known as "The Q" for short — is a true rarity when it comes to the stations I recommend. Not only is it a "classic rock" station where some thought seems to have gone into the music selections but it is also owned by one of Canada’s smaller media conglomerates — the Jim Pattison Group which has found owning its own radio stations does wonders for its bottom line with its even bigger business, selling cars. Despite my usual aversion to adding even the smallest of conglomerate-owned stations to my list, this one is simply too good to leave off. Not only do I like the music selection but "The Q" still believes in having a live disk jockey on the graveyard shift. After having dropped quite a few "classic rock" stations from my list a few months back, it’s nice to see somebody doing it right.

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