1950s Walden, New York

Main Street looking west - Walden, New York U.S.A. - 1950s

Main Street looking west – Walden, New York U.S.A. – 1950s
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Other than in a few right-thinking cities such as Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon, most local planning commissions and city councils hate business signs. They find them tacky and distracting. Well, take a good, long look at the postcard above and then click on the link below. That goes to Google Maps Street View in almost the exact same spot. Then ask which one looks more vibrant and inviting to visitors. Anybody that truly believes today’s version looks like a more appealing place to shop and eat should probably not be visiting this website.

Walden, NY – Google Maps

Yes, I know a lot of people are tired of advertising being everywhere in today’s world. I am, too. I’m just barely old enough to remember places where "sign blight" was indeed an ugly problem. Still, this is a business district, not a national park. How in the hell is anybody going to know what there is to offer on this street and then come add to tax revenues if there aren’t some colorful signs to entice folks to stop?

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