21-Inch Picture Tube

Philco 4412 - 1958

Philco 4412 – 1958
Scan credit: The Giki Tiki on Tumblr

Although just two years from filing for bankruptcy and three from being purchased by Ford Motor Company, Philco was still making beautiful television sets even aside from the infamous Predicta (also introduced for 1958) that ended its mostly stellar run as an independent company. Philco had been a leader in the development of transistors and held many military contracts. Even after being taken over by Ford and seeing the quality of their consumer products go into sharp decline, their government work continued at the previously high level including handling many projects for NASA. Philco was then sold to GTE/Sylvania in 1974, then to appliance maker White in 1977, and then to to Philips in 1981. It is now merely a brand name licensed out to pretty much any company that wants an old, familiar name to slap onto a retro-designed appliance…most of which are utter crap and completely unfitting of the Philco name even with the self-inflicted disaster they caused with the Predicta.

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