A Change of Pace

Everybody gets worried when a long-running website makes a "special announcement" so let me say this right up front. KoHoSo.us is not going away or changing its format. However, as this post’s title infers, it is indeed time for a change of pace.

Beginning after today, there will will no longer be an almost-guaranteed daily retro/vintage/Americana post on KoHoSo.us. Entries will show up more sporadically and there might be times when the site goes several days or even a couple of weeks without a new post.

I am not making this change because because I am tired of looking for, researching, and preparing this material. I actually enjoy it more than ever.

I am not making this change because I am running out of material. I now have more sources than ever.

I am not making this change because nobody is coming. Legitimate hits on this website have been increasing steadily over the past nine months.

The only reason I am making this change is the one thing none of us can control: time.

People that have never run a website — even a simple one such as this or one on an easy platform such as Tumblr — might not realize how much time it takes to go through all the source material, pick out the items I believe are the best of the best, research ones that call for a story or even just a short comment, and prepare them so they are visually pleasing. Even though I put each post in a queue ahead of time, on many occasions, it can take all of the free time I have on a weekend to prepare just one week’s worth of posts.

In the past, I was able to supplement my weekend time at work. No, I wasn’t slacking off. I truly had nothing else to do so it was no problem to do some of my website’s "work" there. This extra time devoted to the site allowed me to build up a huge cushion of posts so I did not have to spend every weekend doing nothing but working on KoHoSo.us.

Over the past seven months, my workload has increased to the point that I now cannot even finish everything I am supposed to complete in one day much less have time for this site. It is sometimes such a mental burden that, when I come home, I often don’t want to start up the "machine" that it takes to process a daily posting regimen.

With all of that, the cushion I had could not be maintained and is now mostly gone. Where I used to have one or two hundred posts in my queue, it’s now down to a relative handful and most of those are holiday items which I always prepare well in advance.

Then, there’s KoHoSo Radio 66. It also needs frequent updates in both music and many other things to keep it fresh and vital.

When I began the station, I had plenty of time for both it and KoHoSo.us. I basically alternated weekends focusing on one or the other. Now I have arrived at a point where keeping KoHoSo.us "daily" leaves little if any time to work on the radio station…and, I will fully admit, the amount of feedback I receive for KoHoSo Radio 66 is far more than what I get from KoHoSo.us, so it’s an easy choice for me as to which one should take prominence in my now much more limited free time.

I know this will be a disappointment for those that are in a routine of coming here every day to see a new entry. As generally upbeat as I like to keep this site so I brighten up the day a bit in most posts, sometimes, life calls for tough choices. Until I can retire, the best choice for me is to not force myself into making a post here every day. I hope this site’s readers will understand and still visit and enjoy the new things that will be posted here for what I hope will be many more years to come.

Quincy Jones - 'The Birth of a Band!' - Mercury Records - 1959

Quincy JonesThe Birth of a Band! – Mercury Records – 1959
Found via LP Cover Art on WordPress

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