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As I continue to get the new KoHoSo.us up and running, I want to let my readers know that, even for those who know me personally, I encourage leaving comments on the things I post…of course, once there is something worth commenting upon.  However, I do want all to be aware that the comments sections on a WordPress-powered blog are just a susceptible to spammers as my old phpBB-powered forum was.  Thus, I have no choice but to engage a few settings behind the scenes here to prevent my site from being used to spread useless advertisements and malware.

The main one anybody should ever have to deal with is if a link is included in the comment.  As 99.9% of all spam contains a link where one either gets exposed to an ad or something worse if it is clicked upon, the programming for this site is set up so that I have to approve any comment containing a link before it will appear on this site.  I apologize that such comments (which I highly encourage to exchange important and/or fun information) will be delayed until I can be at my computer to OK them.  However, until WordPress can program a better system or I can find a suitable plug-in for their software that is effective and user-friendly, I believe all will understand that a delay in having a comment containing a link appear here for everybody else to read is better than having any spam.

As for regular comments that do not contain a link, those should appear within seconds after being submitted.

On a completely different topic…I don’t really like to be cryptic or seem like I am superstitious but I don’t want to jinx myself.  Let me just say that I hope to have some very good personal news to share within the next several days — something that came completely out of the blue less than a day before I had to make some huge and unchangeable decisions about my future.  Stay tuned as my next entry could very well be filled with elation…or, some of the best cussing I that have engaged in online in quite some time. >:-)

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