KoHoSo was born in 1965 in a small log cabin hospital somewhere in the backwoods of Lexington, Kentucky.

After having lived in several different states and too many cities to even begin to list, KoHoSo currently lives in Crestline, California located in the San Bernardino Mountains. He now owns his own house that he shares with his wife Miss KoKo, their dog Oreo, and their cats Blue, Bonnie, and Sam (all are rescues).

KoHoSo’s most noteworthy previous occupation was as a member of the radio industry, both on and off air. He has also worked in television production, sales, cooking, medical bill auditing, the satellite TV industry, and office management along with many other so-called “menial” jobs. This also gives KoHoSo a unique perspective as he has seen how many business operate from both the bottom and the top. Since December 2010 after being out of work for almost two years in the wake of The Great Recession, KoHoSo now works as a sales manager in the electronic components field in San Dimas (yes, the home of Bill & Ted).

KoHoSo first got online in 1998 with an old WebTV box and took to the Internet and computing like a duck to water. Within months, he had learned HTML and built his first website, “Uncle Fry’s WebTV Radio Links” which was wildly successful as almost one-quarter of all of that service’s subscribers visited it at least once. After getting a personal computer for the first time in 2001, he is now fully proficient in the areas of online security and even builds his own computers. He has also built several other successful websites over the years, both personal and for business. KoHoSo is a proud proponent of GNU/Linux and all open-source programs but keeps full tabs on Microsoft Windows to help his many friends that find themselves stuck in Bill Gates’ digital version of Hell.

While KoHoSo admits that his political views more often than not lean toward the left, it would not be correct to call him an absolute Democrat. As a student of history and somebody that has actually read both the United States Constitution and the Federalist Papers on multiple occasions, he is not happy with either major political party. KoHoSo’s view is that six of the seven most recent presidents should have been impeached and removed from office for major constitutional violations. He also holds views on certain issues that would be more at home in the Republican Party (the pre-Trump version) than with the Democrats. His main beef is that, now more than ever, how we all react politically is being driven by "The Man" (moneyed interests) who really doesn’t give a damn about divisive issues such as abortion, affirmative action, gun control, and the like as long as he continues to get to squeeze every dime he can out of American consumers.

Aside from Internet pursuits, KoHoSo’s main hobby is collecting music of almost all types. His love of music is reflected on this site at the Radio page where almost anything outside of the current Top 40 can be found and streamed.

About the Retro/Vintage Posts

KoHoSo’s 1965 starting point is in many ways an odd one as it makes him neither a Baby Boomer nor a full part of Generation X. His early years living in the Commonwealth of Kentucky also gave him a unique perspective as he lived in the big, modern city of Louisville but traveled to see relatives in the eastern part of the state where a lot of things had not changed in many years or, in some cases, many decades. It was during those times and travels that KoHoSo began to realize he often liked the way "old" things looked over newer designs. KoHoSo does not live in the past but certainly likes to visit it and take others along on the journey through the vehicle of this blog.

As for the Retro/Vintage posts themselves, these can range from old photographs, new photographs of old commercial buildings or other such points of interest, magazine advertisements, postcards, and other similar items. This material is posted for any number of reasons including enjoyment of the design, personal fond memories, longing for a more carefree time in history, and humor.

The intent of these posts — beyond the prime directive of just having fun — is two-fold. First, it is KoHoSo’s goal to sift through the many sites devoted to various types of retro/vintage material and present his favorites, especially items that have not been seen elsewhere over 9000 times already. Second, it is to make sure those that do the yeoman’s work in scanning and photography are fully and properly credited for their work (even if the author creates a derivative of it) in the hope that the readers of this blog will visit the originating sites and find even more things to enjoy.

On occasion, KoHoSo will also post original photographs and scans from his own collection of books, magazines, stickers, and fliers. Unless otherwise noted, such items are all posted under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. KoHoSo ..

    Seen your comment about “LastPass Password Manager” on the FireFox site. Can you tell me what Password Manager is the best one that only keeps your passwords on your hard drive ? Just curious, since you couldn’t actually post the name of the one your using. Thanks Tony

  2. Tony,

    Thank you for stopping by and asking. Right now I am trying out KeePass which will work on pretty much any operating system including many mobile ones. I don’t know if I am ready to give it my full endorsement yet as I have been far too busy this last week to play with it as much as I would like. Still, I think it’s a good start and certainly better than LastPass. You can find KeePass here:


  3. KoHoSo: Saw your post about needing more listener time and paying out of pocket. I have my company’s file server in my office. Would it be helpful to leave Radio 66 running on it 24/7 or is that something that would get flagged?

    1. Carl…it would definitely get flagged being in the United States. The advantage of using Radionomy is that they pay the royalties…a fee that just went up drastically for small-time netcasters forcing many of them off the air (this is why Live365 just closed). There’s no way I could afford that as it would be hundreds of dollars per month if not more. It’s more cost-effective for me to spend a little on promotion and just hope my “ratings” pick up enough by April 30th to remain online.

      That’s a hell of a nice offer, though. If the royalty fees get reversed, I might think about it.

    1. Thank you, Patrick! I’m spending my tax refund as fast as I can to get more attention and keep the station going. It’s tough when there’s I’m-not-kidding almost 20,000 online streams classified as “oldies” out there but I’m giving it my best shot.

  4. Greetings from town! Living up here for over 10 years, and had no idea that there was a station right in the middle of Town.

    Looks like we are both putting ourselves into the slow lane as we ride this next storm out. :-D

    1. Hello, Rosette! Miss KoKo and I will have been in Crestline for seven years this coming January. We’re a couple of blocks away from the middle of town plus, since the station is online only, there’s no big antenna for everybody to see. ;^) That’s a shame because our side of the mountains sure could use its own over-the-air radio station especially during these big storms.

  5. Greetings from Idaho! (NOT my native environment).

    KoHoSo and I go way back. Way way back. He’s responsible for introducing me to a particular genre of music back in our high school days. I can personally attest that he has always “marched to the beat of his own drummer”. His passion for sharing non-mainstream music, forgotten gems, and lost Americana is about as real as it gets. I often get a healthy dose of nostalgia trolling through a lot of his stuff.

    One place I ran into a couple of summers ago was a great side-trip. If you’re ever in the Pocatello Idaho area (and, let’s be honest… we’ve all been there, right?) is the Museum of Clean. It’s run by cleaning guru Don Aslett (now 85), and features thousands of cleaning devices, odd trends, weird displays, and everything that can be even remotely connected to how we’ve kept things clean… all the way down to toilet paper for military soldiers. Don is an American treasure, and he’s happy to give you a guided tour of this multi-floor museum while hitting you with strange cleaning facts and an impressive sarcastic wit. The Museum of Clean is definitely worth a visit if you appreciate a bit of off-beat Americana.

    1. Ain’t he nice? :^)

      I’ve heard about the Museum of Clean but haven’t been able to visit. Everything I’ve seen about it makes it sound like an Americana lover’s dream.

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