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As the recheck, redo, revision, and revitalization of the Radio page continues, I wanted to stop for a moment again and feature three of the stations that I have recently added to the list.  The title of “All A’s” refers to the fact that all of these outlets are based in US states that begin with the letter A.

First up is my list’s first representative from the great State of Alaska, and it is indeed great even though its current most famous resident, Sarah Palin, is an embarrassment even to most conservatives that I know.  Making up for Palin’s utter lameness on a daily basis is KNBA in Anchorage.  Known both as “A Signal of Change” and “Alaska’s Native Voice,” KNBA is a non-commercial station that is mostly classified as having an “adult alternative” format.  However, as is often the case with the stations I link to, it is actually so much more than that.  There are generous portions of other music included as well as programming created by and for Alaska’s native communities.  It is certainly a pleasure to listen to at almost any time of the day.  Click on KNBA’s logo (or, in this case, it’s log) below to go to its website and check out its live stream and other information.

KNBA logo

Click here to visit the KNBA website.

Next is another station with an even stronger Native American connection.  KUYI (when pronounced as a word, KUU-yi, the Hopi word for “water”) is a non-commercial outlet located in Hotevilla, Arizona in the northeastern portion of the Grand Canyon State.  While sometimes tagged as “Hopi Radio,” KUYI also serves the Navajo and Tewa communities located on reservations throughout the general area.  Despite its main aim to serve the native populations, the music is far more diverse than stereotypical drums and certainly not the pseudo-Indian new age crap passed off in many gift stores as being authentic.  The music on KUIY is usually extremely accessible to almost any ear and does not strictly come from Native American artists.  It’s a very well-produced station on what must be an extremely limited budget even with some help from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  I believe it is another station good to listen to at almost any time of the day or night.
KUYI - Hopi Radio

Click here to visit the KUYI website.

Finally in this threesome of stations from states beginning with the letter A is my list’s first entry from a state where I used to live in the mid-1970’s — Arkansas.  KXNA-FM is a commercial station located in Springdale up in the northwestern corner of the state near Fayetteville where the University of Arkansas is located.  “The X” as it is also called is noteworthy as being nationally recognized as one of the best “alternative rock” format stations in the entire United States of America.  I wholeheartedly agree as it certainly stands out from 99.9% of the others claiming that format which are so narrow in their playlists and outlook that it seems to me that one could bring a lawsuit against them claiming false advertising for calling themselves “alternative.”  For those that like hard-edged rock but still prefer it to be somewhat familiar, this is a great choice.

Click here to visit the KXNA-FM website.

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