And We’ll Have Fun, Fun, Fun…

Today’s post is one where I get to combine my love for retro/vintage material with giving everybody a new online listening choice.  Good ol’ “imperialgoogie” from New Zealand of The House of Googie blog on Tumblr posted this online-only radio station.  As most of my regular readers know, I try to keep my focus on over-the-air stations that also stream.  However, this one was too good to pass up.

Click on the logo to visit is the best damn 50s and 60s oldies station I have heard since we lost Hit Parade Radio.  It absolutely blows away the similar stations on Slacker.  It is commercial-free and plays an excellent mix of songs in both the range of artists and in popularity (in other words, it’s not just the American Graffiti soundtrack over and over again).  Whoever it is up in Federal Way, Washington that put this station together is doing a great job in keeping alive all this great music that today’s “classic hits” stations are afraid to touch because it’s supposedly too old.  I am very happy to share this with everybody and to give this online station a permanent home on my Radio page.

One station that just lost its home on my Radio page is WLNG out of Sag Harbor, New York in the eastern portion of Long Island.  While going through my list to return the favor to “imperialgoogie” and send him some other stations he might like, I discovered that WLNG’s stream was playing religious programming.  I’m not sure if there has just been a change and the website hasn’t been converted yet or it is some mistake.  The station’s website does not list any religious program and Wikipedia along with the other listing sites I use still state it is an oldies station.  Whatever is going on, I don’t want to give anybody something that unexpected out of my list so I have removed it.  If it is a mistake, I still have New York pending on my perennial go-through of the world’s English-speaking radio stations so WLNG could easily return later this year.

Continuing on the Radio page, my long-time readers will notice a slight design change to the searchable/sort-able table.  The author of the plugin that allows me to do that without programming it all myself, Tobias Bäthge, replaced his long-running version with a completely new one last year.  The old one stopped working for me earlier today so I finally got motivated and brave enough to make the change.  While Tobias did a fantastic job, of course, there is no way to avoid having a few differences and the need to make a few adjustments.  I now have the table back to an easily readable layout although I did have to shrink the font down another point.  I might remedy that later this year as I am considering wading through various WordPress templates again to see if I find one I like enough to use and give a design overhaul…something it hasn’t had since I blew up the old version of the site and this one came up in 2010.

Would a redesign inspire more posting here in 2014?  I’ve given up promising that because, no matter how I trim back on other online pursuits, life seems to take me places that don’t allow the time I need to put together something that is fun to read…and, after all, it’s all about fun because there is no better way to stick it to The Man than to have a good time.

2 thoughts on “And We’ll Have Fun, Fun, Fun…

  1. I can only assume the religious programming you heard on WLNG’s stream was some sort of glitch. Having grown up with the station it’s been a favorite for decades and proves you can do radio right and serve the community.

    Back a few months ago a fellow broadcast engineer and I trekked down to visit WLNG. The station is quite quaint and the people are friendly. After working in corporate radio it makes me long for the days of the mom ‘n’ pop radio station.

  2. Bill…thank you for your comment! I am going to make an extra BIG note now on WLNG for my next go-through of New York stations. What you said about it is exactly the impression I got any time I had listened to it in the past.

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