Attack of the 50-Foot Tire

Seiberling Rubber Company - 1947

Seiberling Rubber Company – 1947
Scan credit: Fred’s AdverCity on Tumblr

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Giant tire roams through city chasing innocent newsboys!

Seiberling once was and, in a way, still is a big name in tires. It was Frank Seiberling who founded Goodyear. Upon a major reorganization in 1921, Frank and his brother Charles left to form their own company.

This is yet another tale of a company that was quite innovative but could not keep up with the bigger U.S. manufacturers and the rise of foreign competition. Oddly enough, Seiberling ended up being taken over by Firestone. The name is still being used in some countries as one of Bridgestone’s discount brands.

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