Beginning Again in Twenty-Ten

As has been painfully obvious for almost two years now, the previous format and ideas behind were not working out. Therefore, I am making a big change to start this new decade.

Gone is all of the previous material and the forum. This will be a completely fresh start.

In the very first entry that I made on the original version of this site, I emphatically stated that would not be a blog. Well, after working with blogs on and off since that time and judging by my current moods, tastes, and lifestyles, going with a blog format now seems best and sensible. I believe that it will be more fitting not to mention much easier for me to maintain.

Please excuse the mess as I add in my desired features and eventually change from a standard WordPress template to something more original and reader friendly. All of those various changes and tweaks will take some time.

So…what will the new be like? Partially, the same as originally intended — a place for me to rant about almost any issue and to poke fun at the bullshit that people try to pass off as serious business.

However, I need to be more honest with myself and be open to more topics. Unfortunately, that might be confusing for my foreign readers as a good portion of what gets put up on this new version of might be very “Americentric.” However, I am who I am. For better or worse, I am a real live nephew of my Uncle Sam and I have to write what I know and not strain to make everything understandable to everybody. I have to write what I know and what inspires me. Thus, even though I am about sick of politics and the way the United States of America is run by both government and big businesses, I cannot help but love this place.

Just remember…if you get lost, search engines are your friend.

There is one thing that will never change here on Even if I no longer close every post with it, I will still highly encourage every one of you to keep sticking it to the man. ;-)

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