Black Friday and ‘The Man’

No matter how good one’s words are, it is still next to impossible to get most people to read anything lengthy on the Internet. So…even though imperfect — including it’s scary and tin-foil-hat-sounding title of "Mind Control in American Politics" — I present the following video that I found courtesy of I Come Tumbl’n. While not the most exciting video ever made, I believe this is the best such example I have ever seen that reflects my view of how "The Man" (moneyed interests) keeps so many people divided when, in fact, there is much more agreement among regular folks than is shown by the the mainstream media.

I’m glad to have found this on a day like Black Friday when half of my Twitter feed is reveling in the sales while the other half holds it all in complete disdain…with most of the latter having bought their holiday presents at which is just as much The Man avoiding its fair share of taxes as Wal-Mart.

One last thing before the video…I do not endorse all of the views or videos shown on the corbettreport YouTube channel. This especially goes for anything related to the "9/11 truth movement" with which I disagree on almost all of its theories. However, this is an example of where I strongly believe we need to move our politics…just because I disagree with someone on a particular issue is no reason to ignore everything he or she has to say.

NOTE: This video is linked with no YouTube browser cookies enabled.

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