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KFJZ - Fort Worth, Texas U.S.A. - 1945

KFJZ – Fort Worth, Texas U.S.A. – 1945
Found via Faded Signals

To read the story of KFJZ, click on the picture to be taken to the original post where Faded Signals does its usual stellar job in giving a station’s history. For me, I ask everybody to notice the detail in the "Market Data" box on the middle-right of the page. Yes, that third entry does indeed say "Native White" so potential advertisers would know how many people could actually come into their stores since folks of African and Mexican descent wouldn’t be welcome in their establishments (also, playing to the prevailing thought that such people didn’t have money to spend anyway).

Even little things such as listing that number are a sad reminder that not everybody was fully welcome in these so-called glory days of the United States. While I will always love the old ads and designs of the first three-quarters of the 20th Century, this is one of my occasional reminders to everybody that much of this material has a little sadness behind it even if it is not immediately apparent.

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