Emanuel and Axelrod = Haldeman and Ehrlichman?

“I will tell you flat-out — without using the man’s name — that somebody who’s arguably quite knowledgeable about Washington said to me, ‘[David] Axelrod and [Rahm] Emanuel don’t want to do anything to help New Orleans,’” he says gravely, his voice lowering, about Obama’s senior adviser and former chief of staff. That just makes [Louisiana Gov.] Bobby Jindal look good.’”

You can’t get more Nixonian than that.”

Harry Shearer as quoted in Shearer of ‘Simpsons’ visits D.C. to screen post-Katrina New Orleans film by Dan Zak posted in The Washington Post on March 13, 2011, story brought to my attention by Style, the official Tumblr blog of the Washington Post’s Style section; a very interesting read about the man who claims in his new documentary that the destruction of Hurricane Katrina was more man-made than natural.

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