From the Great White (and Green) North

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I have begun a second major go-through of stations in Canada and the United States of America to get those I missed due to a Windows computer snafu when first creating my Radio page. This also included a recheck of my currently listed stations to make sure they will also all work for those smart folks that use Linux. While I did remove some entries, I believe that only one of them was due to an incompatibility with Linux and that none of them were of any special note.

I have just completed checking all Canadian stations again and have six new ones I have already added that I want to bring to everybody’s attention. Because the main resource I use for seeking out radio stations all over the world arranges listings by ratings and advertising markets, one station located in the State of Washington is included as it actually falls under the Victoria, British Columbia market.

Four of the new stations on my Radio page are fairly typical “community/variety” format outlets, especially for Canada where they are at least somewhat attached to a local college but not truly a “college radio” format.  Although I use the word “typical,” the music that will be heard on their streams is anything but typical.  These new stations are CJSF from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia near Vancouver, CJTR that is loosely affiliated with the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, CKLN from Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, and CKUW broadcasting from the University of Winnipeg in Manitoba.

One other station in Canada proper is worthy of extra note for its uniqueness.  For those near my age and likes in comedy, it will be remembered that the only reason that the characters of Bob & Doug McKenzie were created for SCTV was because of (and a spoof of) Canada’s “Canadian Content” laws — regulations created to try and prevent all of Canada from being steamrolled by the USA’s various media juggernauts that could sadly care less about ever finding Canadian talent.  Yet, if this station’s site is to be believed, after all of that effort by the Canadian government for so many years, only CKHC Radio Humber in Toronto is playing a 100% all-Canadian music format.  Depending on the host, the music can lean toward the pop side at times or feature bands that are internationally popular such as Nickleback.  However, there are plenty more discoveries to be made from artists that would unfortunately never be heard from in the Lower 48 and I highly recommend it.

NOTE 2017.06.12: The station above went weeks without updating its streaming link to be compatible with the latest Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox standards. If people cannot access a stream, it no longer fits my definition of a truly good radio station. Due to this, it has been removed from my Radio page.

The final addition for now is located in Sequim, Washington which is on the Strait of Juan de Fuca south of Victoria, British Columbia.  KSQM is one of the very few full-time “nostalgia” stations left anywhere in the world.  In KSQM’s case, they focus on music of the 1940’s and 1950’s with just a little non-rock music from the early 1960’s thrown in.  Occasional old time radio shows and “transcriptions” can be heard along with other locally-focused programming aimed at this highly under-served area.  KSQM might not be the type of stream that one wants to have playing on a regular basis, but it is fun to hear how things used to be and is great for when more mellow, vocal-style music fits the mood.

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