Google Cluster (AI Statement and More)

The following is an official statement from

All text on is written fully "by hand" by KoHoSo. Other than spell-checking offered by his web browser, no other assistance, whether "artificial intelligence" (AI) or otherwise, is used by KoHoSo in putting together the words on this website.

All such writings are copyright by KoHoSo, all rights reserved. KoHoSo explicitly does not give permission to any entity or person to "scrape" this website for the purpose of taking any data to be used in an AI program of any type.

Of course, I’m well aware that statement does me no true good. As long as I don’t put this website behind a password (which I won’t), Google, Microsoft, and goodness knows who else will send out bots to scrape this site for their AI programs because they believe being publicly posted overrides my copyrights. I’m sure somebody somewhere will file a lawsuit over this but I certainly don’t have the time or money to be that person. In addition, who knows if such a lawsuit would be winnable especially if it reaches the absolutely corrupted U.S. Supreme Court.

The main thing I want to accomplish with that statement is to assure you that I have never before nor ever will in the future allow AI to "assist" me with my writing. While I will certainly continue to take inspiration and quotes from the sources I use when I add text to any of my posts, you can take it to the bank that every word I have typed comes out of my own brain and fingers.

I am concerned over AI for many reasons. However, the main one I have in regard to this website is how search engines such as Google and Bing are already becoming overwhelmed with absolute trash that is being put up to fool you into clicking on it so that site can snoop on your browser cookies and sell off your data or worse. It is giving many people the feeling that very little on the internet these days is genuine.

Well, for those that stumble in here and take the time to read this text post, you can be assured that you are always seeing words written by a human being who tries his best to be certain everything is correct in addition to hopefully being informative and entertaining.

It has been a long time since I’ve ended a post this way but I think this is fitting. At least as far as what Google and Microsoft are doing, AI is "The Man". As always, The Man isn’t trying to help you. He’s trying to take your money along with your freedom and trust in others. Despite how much you might want AI to help you with that email, report, or even a blog post, I urge you not to give in. One of the best ways to stick it to The Man is to be yourself.

So what if you’re not a great wordsmith? You don’t have to be fancy to get your point across. Fuck The Man and fuck his AI, too.

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