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I am very pleased to announce that finally no longer uses Google Fonts. Earlier today, I made changes to this website to have custom fonts loaded from my own server plus prevent the WordPress template I use from loading the ones that come with it.

This was done for more reasons than just me wanting to give Google/Alphabet the finger. Various browser security measures as well as those in other extensions, programs, and apps were fussing more and more about this insecure third-party service. In addition, some government entities such as the European Union have begun to seriously frown upon the use of Google Fonts. So, to continue to do the best I can to assure remains as fully available as possible in the largest amount of countries with the fewest fusses over security, Google Fonts had to go.

Many of you will also notice there is a new cookie warning. As was the case with the previous one, you should only have to see it once per year per browser (you can choose a shorter amount of time if you wish). I know these things are a pain and that some browsers and other programs now offer to block them. Still, just like getting rid of Google Fonts, having an up-to-date cookie notice that conforms with the latest standards — in my case, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) — is another necessary step to assure people can come to this website without bigger issues.

All of that being said, as I know hardly anybody ever reads this website’s Privacy/Terms page, I want to be clear that there are still third-party cookies on So, to be completely open, aside from harmless ones from WordPress and its Gravatar service, you will still be exposed to cookies from the places where most of the pictures on this website originate. This mainly includes Flickr (owned by SmugMug) and Tumblr (owned by Automattic, also the owner of WordPress). You will even come across the occasional cookie controlled by Google for posts where the picture comes from Blogger/Blogspot. However, you are not exposed to any Google-controlled cookies from YouTube as I always post videos from there with the no cookie option.

And, for you font geeks out there, the two fonts now being used on are…

Liberation Sans


While I’m generally happy with how the font changes turned out, I’m sure I will make tweaks here and there in sizing and maybe even switch one font for another in certain areas. As always, if you find something here to be difficult to read, please let me know. My email address and the link to my account on Mastodon are at the bottom of every page on this website.

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