Here’s Our Platform for 1936-37

WHAS - Louisville, Kentucky U.S.A. - 1936

WHAS – Louisville, Kentucky U.S.A. – 1936
found via Faded Signals

While these "campaign promises" by Louisville’s once-beloved WHAS did not all come to fruition, these failures were not intentional or due to the owner’s poor leadership. The application to increase the station’s power to a stunning 500,000 watts was denied once the FCC’s experiment in allowing Cincinnati’s WLW to cover that much territory was deemed too much as it was a detriment to smaller stations’ advertising revenue.

WHAS also missed the mark on moving to 820 on the dial. Sitting at 750 kilocycles at the time this advertisement was published, the station ended up just a bit to the right on the dial at 840 KHz. Despite that difference, it did attain its "clear channel" status and became a major player in grabbing listeners from long distances.

Little did WHAS know that one of its finest hours would come less than one month into the New Year. In January 1937, the Ohio River Flood sent WHAS into 24/7 coverage of the devastating event that held listeners spellbound across the eastern two-thirds of the country. When the flooding became so bad that it cut the power to the station (as well as WLW in Cincinnati), also-legendary WSM in Nashville took the WHAS feed by telephone to continue the uninterrupted coverage for three days.

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