How Can Just 1 Calorie Taste So Good?

Tab - 1964

Tab – 1964
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Tab coupon - Bakersfield, California U.S.A. - 1960s

Tab coupon – Bakersfield, California U.S.A. – 1960s
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For those too young to have ever held one of these bottles in their hands, they were amazing. The main pattern on the lower two-thirds of the bottle was made of small raised bumps broken up by the stars in the circles. Along with the push from the mighty Coca-Cola advertising machine, Tab’s distinctive packaging went a long way in taking market share away from the first truly successful diet cola, Royal Crown’s Diet Rite. Tab lost popularity during the 1970s due to two separate occasions where the chosen sweetener was found to cause cancer. While it still exists, its market share is now a fraction of those for the two behemoths that would be introduced later, Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi.

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