It’s the Most Hideous Time of the Year

It’s the most hideous time of the year;
When assholes are driving
And children are crying
And I need more beer!
It’s the most hideous time of the year!

While that is my Allan Sherman-ized/Weird Al Yankovic’d personal theme song for Christmas, I haven’t become so much of a Scrooge that I can’t still find some love in my heart for this holiday. So…just as I did when I was on Tumblr, the daily retro/vintage posts will now all have a Christmas theme beginning tomorrow and then all the way through December 25th.

When it comes to Christmas, I believe it is more important than ever to have fun with it and remember those times when the shopping, TV, music, and preparations seemed so much more enjoyable until we all matured enough to see the darker sides of the holiday…not to mention how today’s advertising and promotion seem to have stripped out any of the remaining decency Christmas might have had in the first place.

In other words, even if one is like me and does not believe in the divinity of Jesus (plus knows that he was most likely born in mid-September if one goes by what is described in the Bible), it’s still OK to take the verses from the Gospel of Luke so famously quoted by Linus Van Pelt to heart…as what Christmas is really all about is taking at least one time every year to focus on nothing but spreading happiness, love, and forgiveness.

Or…to put it more plainly and combine it with one of my other main loves, Grateful Dead…

Christmas ain’t no time to hate, Charlie Brown.

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