Just a Useless Update

As all can plainly see, getting this new version of KoHoSo.us up to snuff is about as slow as trying to get something through Congress.  It doesn’t help that I am much more familiar with Blogger/Blogspot software than WordPress but the learning experience will be good for me.

As it turns out, I have ended up with a lot on my plate as we begin 2010.  Unfortunately, most of it is not very “nutritious” and I am still going to be regularly shitting my pants as the time is soon coming when I might have to think about defaulting on my financial obligations.  I certainly do not relish that idea one bit but, then again, if it’s good enough for Enron…

Anyway…for today, I just wanted to pop in here and give a progress report…such as it is.  I already have a few topics in mind but I need to get some other things out of my way first before I can spend my personal time thinking and typing them out.

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