K-POD 2010.07.01

Since a great deal of my recent entries have had something to do with radio, I should probably start off by saying to those that do not already know what it means that, despite the “K-POD,” this entry is not about radio.

When I did my big “2007 US Tour” (some of which was discussed and presented on the old version of KoHoSo.us), I was inspired by one of the longest-running and overall best websites on the Internet — Astronomy Picture of the Day or “APOD” for short.  Sent out to all of my friends via e-mail on every day of my journey, I decided to do the KoHoSo Picture of the Day or K-POD.  Each night in whatever motel I stayed in, I would pick out what I thought was the best photograph I had taken that particular day — sometimes for natural beauty, sometimes for humor, and sometimes because I somehow managed to take a decent picture — and send it out along with a little description and maybe a tale or two of what else happened on that day.

While my current trip is not a vacation, that’s still no reason that I cannot stop for a few moments to take some photos.  I did not have very much to choose from today because I am dead-ass tired from packing, cleaning, moving, and just having done a 10-hour drive on very little sleep.

What is shown below in the return of the K-POD and the first one ever featured as such here on KoHoSo.us is the view out of my motel room in Redding, California.  Looking out to the east, this is the Lassen Peak volcano also known as Mount Lassen.  It was particularly hazy all through the Central Valley today so it’s not the sharpest photo ever seen of this great natural wonder.  However, for me, it was a welcome sight not only for its beauty but also for it marking the beginning of a much cooler drive for tomorrow and, I hope, a much cooler place to live in the future as I look for new employment.

Before I close, the K-POD will not necessarily be a daily feature during this time I am spending trying to find a company in this recession that might be hiring somebody with my skills and talents.  However, I will be taking my camera with me at all times for the foreseeable future so, when I have something worth at least a quick look, I will slap it up in the evening US Pacific Time.

Lassen Peak

Lassen Peak on Thursday, July 1, 2010 – Copyright © 2010 by KoHoSo

2 thoughts on “K-POD 2010.07.01

  1. Nice and expansive view. Not all motels can offer this simply for the pleasure to be found.

  2. Great Picture Belinda and I just got home and I couldn’t bring it up at the river, the connection is to slow, I’m going to check out the rest of them now.

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