KHJ Silenced Again, ‘K-Fun’ Not So Much Fun

I am sorry to report that the onslaught against over-the-air "oldies" radio stations continues. After having recommended them for a long time due to their great mix of music and memories, KNAC licensed to Earlimart, California in the Visalia/Tulare/Hanford market has changed call letters to KOAD and "flipped" to classic rock. While KOAD — now billing itself as "K-Fun" — is playing one of the widest varieties of classic rock that I have heard coming from a terrestrial radio station in a long time, it is not going to make the cut for my Radio page. There is just too much syndicated programming plus religious shows on Sunday for my page that, with some exceptions, demands music 24/7.

It is a shame to see this as the previous format was basically a rebroadcast of the glory days of KHJ "Boss Radio" in Los Angeles. KHJ was one of the most influential stations of its time and, back it its heyday, could have been heard in California’s Central Valley at night in the days before there was so much interference on the AM band.

For those that have seen me teasing this project on my Twitter account, yes, this motivates me even more to get KoHoSo Radio 66 up and running — a station that will mainly focus on 1950s and early 1960s rock & roll but also cover up-tempo music and other quality hits of all genres ranging from 1946 through 1966. The delay in getting at least a beta up of my station is not only how busy I have been this winter but also that doing something like this correctly takes time. Having a good station — online or otherwise — takes much more than just throwing a bunch of songs into a folder. It requires much thought and planning to get the flow and mix just exactly perfect. This was where KHJ excelled for this type of format and it’s a shame to lose their easily-accessible example.

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