Notes from the PD No. 3 – Advance to Go!

Earlier this week, I received the earlier-than-expected assessment of KoHoSo Radio 66 from my host, Radionomy. While it came sooner than I thought it would, I already knew it would be good news.

Before I get to more on that, let me take a moment to explain why Radionomy issues an assessment of its stations on its platform, how they work, and then what it all means for KoHoSo Radio 66.

While Radionomy is free to use, it is not absolutely free. The company has to pay for song royalties in addition to their facilities, electricity, Internet service, and all the rest. That’s why listeners of their stations get two 2-minute commercial breaks per hour (whether one hears actual advertisements or the filler I put together depends on one’s location).

With that, Radionomy has to be certain it is making the best use of its servers and bandwidth. To do that, while they encourage everybody to create their own station, it has to be worth Radionomy’s expense.

So…just like any other station on Radionomy, KoHoSo Radio 66 started as a "Basic" level station with four goals. The first was to average 12 hours of listening time per week by the end of three months of streaming.

I will go ahead and tell everybody now that my listeners didn’t just meet that goal, they shattered it. The station ended the assessment period averaging a whopping 43 hours per week!

This now puts KoHoSo Radio 66 in Radionomy’s "Advanced" level. This comes with the benefits of allowing me to expand my playlist to a maximum of 3,000 songs and the ability to do long-form or even live shows.

However, the bar to get past Advanced level is quite a bit higher than to get past Basic. KoHoSo Radio 66 now has six months to reach an average of 130 hours per week of listening time.

Just as a quick aside from the goals, I am not going to simply rely upon word-of-mouth to pass the Advanced level. While I am indeed doing this just for fun, I am also serious about my fun. To make this goal, I will be investing in some advertising and promotion so more people know about my station.

If my plans work, around the first week of May 2016, KoHoSo Radio 66 would then achieve "Premium" level. At this point, my station would then receive extra free promotion from Radionomy as well as SHOUTcast which they now own (yes, Radionomy is the company keeping many folks in suspense about the future of Winamp).

Then there is the fourth goal…to consistently remain above an average of 130 listening hours per week. Radionomy will issue periodic assessments of KoHoSo Radio 66 to assure it meets this requirement.

What happens if KoHoSo Radio 66 fails to meet any of these goals? The same thing that happens if an over-the-air radio station doesn’t meet its owner’s ratings goals — it goes off the air to make room for something else.

In the wake of making that threatening-sounding statement, let me say two things.

Yes, I want all of you early-adopters of KoHoSo Radio 66 to keep listening and spread the word. However, as I said above, since you have exceeded Radionomy’s and especially my expectation in how you smashed the "Basic" goal like an old Halloween pumpkin on the sidewalk, I will up my own efforts to match yours…not only in promoting the station to new listeners but also in improvements to the music selection and overall sound and flow.

However, should KoHoSo Radio 66 come up short one day whether that is in May 2016 or some other month decades from now, I will have no bitterness. I am enjoying getting back into radio more than most of you would ever imagine. Whenever it might end, I will not forget my listeners’ support and the kind comments I have received, many of them that are from complete strangers. I will certainly not forget that most of them have mentioned they have long wanted an "oldies" station just like mine which tells me I’m not a complete crackpot in thinking that folks will not just accept but actually want some variety beyond Elvis, the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and a ton of Motown.

Well…that’s where things stand. It has all gone relatively well so far especially considering some of the mistakes I have made in understanding how to get everything to work the way I want and a couple of long stretches of downtime at Radionomy. With it only being a scant few days before I fire Rockin’ Ryan and Hot Lips Heather to replace them with my own voice, I see no reason not to push ahead at full speed.

You have my promise. I will do everything I can to make all of you want to have and keep KoHoSo Radio 66 the place where the music of the past is part of your future.

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