Notes from the PD No. 9 – Public Beta Now Open!

Coming exactly one year to the minute when the station was unfairly taken offline, I am releasing to the public the links to the beta version of the resurrected KoHoSo Radio 66.


Before you listen, you must promise to read what is below the links because I do not want you to be disappointed with what you hear.

Listen through your default media player (If M3U does not work for you, try the other two)

For United States listeners ONLY*

Pop-up player: (This is my favorite of all the options for U.S. listeners)

Temporary KoHoSo Radio 66 home page:

Basic in-browser player:

IMPORTANT NOTES FOR GOOGLE CHROME, CHROMIUM, VIVALDI, and BRAVE USERS: At the time this post has been published, the latest version of all browsers based on Chromium including Google Chrome, Vivaldi, and Brave have a defect that is preventing those browsers from playing any sound. Until this has been repaired, please use another browser such as Mozilla Firefox or try one of the media player links above. When clicking a media player link in Google Chrome or Chromium, you will be asked to download a file to your computer. Save the file then double-click on it to start your default media player which will begin the stream.

OK…now, here comes the explaining I need to do.

Especially for those of you that listened to the original station, this is not what I consider to be KoHoSo Radio 66.

This is why I am referring what is being streamed now as a beta version.

At this time, my new host, Live365, does not have any options in its software for me to control the overall mix of songs or how they blend between each other.

In other words, right now, the station sounds like a bunch of oldies put on an iPod and put on shuffle mode.

This does not make me happy. In fact, it made me so unhappy that I almost called this whole thing off.

I realize some of you might not care about this change. Others are now so conditioned by services such as Pandora that having each song fade out to silence now seems normal.

For me, it is almost physically painful. A good radio station — and certainly one with an up-tempo format such as oldies — should keep hitting you BAM BAM BAM BAM and never let up. That was not only the style of the time but it still rings true today…and that’s despite how most listeners will never consciously realize it because they simply never studied music radio and communications overall.

So…will KoHoSo Radio 66 sound like this forever?

My hopeful answer is no.

The new owner of Live365, Jon Stephenson, has already been kind enough to send me a very honest and thorough e-mail addressing my strong desire to be able to create the same mixing and blending that I had at the station’s previous host. Jon and his small team are rebuilding Live365 from scratch. This is a huge undertaking and, with a lot of true professionals using Live365 in conjuction with outside software and services that I cannot afford (or am forbidden to use from home by my internet service provider), the things I want are going to take a bit to rise to the top of their agenda.

While it is very disappointing to not return in the manner I wish, to be completely frank, I either wait for Live365’s rebuilding process or I pull the plug.

As you can see, I have chosen to go forward and be patient. All of you that sent so many encouraging e-mails and social media messages have waited long enough. Despite there being only a random mix and tons of dead air, other than RichBroRadio that dips past my limit of 1966 (but is much lighter on 50s music), I still believe nobody else plays oldies the correct way — which is to select songs for a modern audience that doesn’t remember or much care what songs hit number one on the charts.

With the delay in deciding to give KoHoSo Radio 66 the green light again, I will sadly not be opening things up with my own "live" show, Crusin’ with KoHoSo. This will have to come later. For now, since I have no idea how long I will have to run the station with very little control, most of my work on it will be adding even more music. It is my hope that, the more tracks I put into the rotation, the less likely it will repeat artists too often and, thus, keep you entertained.

Because I cannot overlap tracks right now, many of the extras like the old jingles and other fun announcements will be missing. They just sound silly with each one of them coming with dead air until the next track begins.

If there is a silver lining to this cloud, it is that I will have much more time to prepare all the extra things that will add to the KoHoSo Radio 66 listening experience. The station is going to get its own website, mobile apps, and be made available though all the popular streaming apps such as iTunes and TuneIn.

I am extremely sorry the return of KoHoSo Radio 66 is not the spectacular and fully joyous occasion I had been planning for many months. Still, it’s nice to be back in some form. I hope you will all continue to stick with me as we will now all be waiting for Live365 to give me the tools to once again make KoHoSo Radio 66 the best oldies station that has ever existed.


* At this time, streams coming through the Live365 website or one of its official players are only licensed to be heard in the United States of America. Once the KoHoSo Radio 66 website is ready, I will provide my own pop-up player that will stream to listeners in any country. In addition, other services streaming my station such as iTunes and TuneIn will be available worldwide. Until then, users outside the USA can use the M3U, PLS, or ASX link and listen through a media player. In the future, Live365 will attain the licensing it needs to remove this restriction.

One thought on “Notes from the PD No. 9 – Public Beta Now Open!

  1. Streaming now, and really happy that you’re back – even if it isn’t exactly what you’d hoped for. Thanks for all your work on this.

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