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As most people probably know by now, the social networking plague website known as Facebook is going to be introducing its own version of e-mail.  It will not be a fully-featured version of e-mail as most people know it (at least not at the beginning) but it will work probably as often as its chat feature does which is almost never well enough.  Basically, if one has a Facebook account, I could send messages to it from my KoHoSo.us e-mail account and receive messages in turn and delete them read them.

Sure, I know that all of the other major free e-mail providers — Google’s Gmail, Yahoo!/Rocketmail, Microsoft’s Hotmail/MSN/Live.com, AOL/America Online — all have their privacy concerns and various violations of what normal people would consider to be good corporate citizenship.  I also know that not everybody has the money to get their own Web domain and receive e-mail through it as I do via KoHoSo.us.

However, there comes a time when an Internet-based company goes too far and, worse yet, allows its users to literally infect the Internet with their ignorance.  With up to 90% of all traffic going over the World Wide Web being spam already, I see absolutely no reason for anybody to support Facebook e-mail when they are now the leading target of spammers…and that’s what would be classified as actual spam from outside sources latching onto Facebook e-mails and not even counting how much more bandwidth is going to be taken up when every Facebook goober starts mailing out to his/her entire contacts list every time he/she sells a fucking chicken on FarmVille.*

* Do be aware that, at first, Facebook users will not be able to send out mass e-mails but it is sure to come in future updates as enough users will end up demanding it on their silly little Facebook protest pages and through incessant polls.  In addition, Facebook itself will not be able to resist the temptation to try and outdo Google’s Gmail service as the two are already having a public prick-waving dick fight over which one is better at protecting users’ privacy (a hissy-fit directly related to Facebook’s introduction of e-mail and Google’s continuing inability to bring out its own successful social networking service).

Up until now, I have not been terribly concerned with Facebook’s effect upon the Internet community as it at least kept all of the goobers that use it to excess locked up in its own little world.  With the introduction of Facebook e-mail, the World Wide Web now faces a situation possibly as dire as what ended up happening when Microsoft used to bundle AOL with Windows.  To put it plainly, this could result in another major introduction of complete stupidity where the amount of malware spread across the Net skyrockets because Facebook users, by and large, tend to be completely uneducated about things such as realizing that not every link or picture posted on the Web is friendly and can be passed on without any thought of danger.  Just like AOL when it became so popular in the late 1990’s, Facebook does nothing outright to inform its users of proper Netiquette much less issues regarding safety and privacy.  All Facebook cares about is keeping everybody clicking all those links and playing all of those inane, unstable games (which again reinforce the habit of clicking on everything because that’s all any Facebook game requires one to do — don’t think, just click).

Finally, there is the absolute fact that Facebook is the worst transgressor of any major website when it comes to protecting one’s privacy — worse than Microsoft, worse than even Google.  They are under constant attack from both Internet watchdog groups and government attorneys for not giving its users the proper means and education to make sure that information they do not want to be shared is kept hidden from unwanted eyes.

I have resisted calling for any boycotts on my blog especially after I blew up the old version of this website, started fresh, and tried to be a little bit nicer in my overall tone.  In today’s world, it is impossible to boycott everything that is bad because we are so hemmed in by lack of choice no matter how much The Man tries to fool us by creating more brand names and TV channels that make it seem like we have more choice even though all of these “new” brands have the same old manufacturers and owners.  Thus, I just try to report, advise, and then let people decide for themselves if they can, for two examples, afford to avoid Wal-Mart or drive a little further to not buy fuel from BP.  I won’t even call for a boycott of Facebook because, for many, it is already too late and they are addicted to it even worse than heroin or they are required to use it for work purposes (for which any manager requiring his employees to do such a thing should have his testicles flailed with a white-hot spatula for endangering his company information in such an insecure environment and wasting time on such a poorly-coded, unstable platform).  Even I still occasionally login to Facebook as it is the only way I can follow in a timely and fully functional manner what “Red Green” (Steve Smith) is up to these days.

However, I will tell my readers what I am going to do for myself and everybody can decide for themselves if they want to do something similar and take the risk of missing out on an oh-so-important message from a fourth-cousin twice removed that you always hated because he always smelled like spoiled bacon and locked you in a closet when you were only six-years-old and it gave you nightmares for the next ten years but, years later, he tracks you down on Facebook in order to reminisce about the “good times” but ends up doing nothing but sending you incessant invitations to start playing Mafia Wars.

Instead of waiting until I just cannot stand something anymore like the crazy uncle almost everybody has these days that sends out incessant forwarded mass e-mails about (depending on his political stance) how George W. Bush planned 9/11 or Barack Obama is actually a member of al Qaeda, I am going to act beforehand to do my part to either force Facebook (or my friends using it to excess) to become a better corporate citizen when it comes to privacy, spam, and Netiquette or simply not deal with it.

To put it bluntly, I have already placed a filter on all of my e-mail accounts directing them to delete anything that comes with an address of @facebook.com.  Let me stress this again so that nobody misunderstands.  This filter will not simply move such messages to “Spam” or “Bulk” nor any special folder I have created myself where I might actually read them eventually.  They will be immediately deleted upon receipt and never seen by me…period.

If anybody reading this thinks that’s awful or too reactionary, I in return say that it’s time to grow up.  Invest a little time reading up on such issues and realize that, just like in any large city anywhere in the world, it is time to learn it is not wise to swing one’s wallet or purse around out in the open in a bad neighborhood.  Despite what Facebook might lead one to believe where they almost out-and-out encourage people to share their full identities and give their credit card information out to companies with no true privacy policies in exchange for items in their absolutely lame-ass games, it along with the entire Internet is pretty much nothing but one huge bad neighborhood as it requires no effort or real cost of any type to get from the bad side of town to where all of the nicer houses are in order to rip them off.  I will simply no longer allow this cancer on the Internet to spread beyond its current limits, at least not into my e-mail in-box.  As for everybody else, the choice is theirs especially since all of the needed information is just an easy Internet search away.  Just know that those choosing to use an e-mail address of ImaGoober@facebook.com should never expect an answer from KoHoSo.us.

Yes, despite the “cool” reputation of Facebook’s still young founder, Mark Zuckerberg, he is indeed The Man…and I don’t mean, “Hey, bro, you da man,” I mean The Man as in just the same as any member of a powerful entity that looks out solely for itself without ever considering the general welfare.  As everybody that has been reading KoHoSo.us for any length of time knows, I am always up for sticking it to The Man.  In this specific case, if anybody reading this also gets it stuck to them whether it be an unread e-mail or the raping of their personal information and privacy, they cannot say they were not warned.

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