Orange You Glad I’m Back?

One of these days, maybe the Internet will get its act together enough to make moving to a new Web host an instantaneous process.  Until then…well, I apologize to anybody that came in here Monday evening and saw this place in a cluttered or nonexistent condition.

Despite the research I did, the host I chose upon leaving GoDaddy, a company called out of Denver, could not keep a handle on its e-mail servers.  To make a long story short, every e-mail server they put me on was blocked by one major service or another.  In a world where Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail/MSN/Live, and ISP-issued accounts still rule the day, this was unacceptable.  I gave them three chances and each one went sour (all accompanied by other screw-ups that I am leaving out in the name of brevity).  On Monday afternoon, when offered me the choice of either waiting 72 hours to get the server I was on off of the BellSouth blacklist (keeping me from being able to e-mail my mother) or just get a refund, I was out of there faster than prunes go through an AARP meeting.

My new host is based in Durham, North Carolina and has the oddball name of A Small Orange.  Yes, GoDaddy seemed like a strange name at first years ago, too.  I just I hope that, unlike GoDaddy, “ASO” stays true to its principles and good corporate citizenship in addition to providing good service.  I already feel very comfortable with ASO so I hope this is the last I have to write about any downtime for at least a few months until there might be another burp when I transfer my domain registrations away from (those are locked in as there is a waiting period after a transfer and I already just took those away from GoDaddy’s clutches).

Stuff like this is why I always caution people not to move to just any Web hosting service.  Even those of us that think we know what we’re doing can get hosed.  This is especially true as people trying to be re-sellers of a company’s hosting services flood search engines with phony review sites that make a company look wonderful even if one enters the term, “Company X sucks” (thus explaining why I am not putting any links in this entry…I want it to be clear that I’m not selling anything).

As with (thank goodness!), make sure the company has a 30-day money-back guarantee (ASO gives customers 45 days).  This gives people a fair opportunity to see if a hosting company lives up to its promises and delivers on good service.  In addition, just like anything that has to do with computers and/or the Internet, always make sure to have a site’s files fully backed up every time a change is made.  One never knows when it might be time to bail on a moment’s notice.

One thought on “Orange You Glad I’m Back?

  1. Welcome to A Small Orange. If there is ever anything we can do to help, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re looking forward to serving you.

    All the best,

    Douglas Hanna
    CEO, A Small Orange

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