Poolside Refreshments

'Poolside Refreshments' - Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A. - April 12, 2008

"Poolside Refreshments" – Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A. – April 12, 2008
Credit: Roadsidepictures (Allen) on Flickr
Creative Commons - Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic - CC BY-NC 2.0

Strange as it might seem, this is one of my most favorite photographs I have ever found in my years of virtual fishing for material to spread around to retro/vintage/Americana lovers. It’s not just the old Pepsi and Coke machines but the whole scene. Maybe it’s because I have so many strong memories of being at a motel just like this late at night.

In this photo, I can hear and smell every detail and even see out of the frame. Perhaps it’s just me and the weird way I perceive things but I think there’s nothing like a quiet old motel pool at night over which to reflect on the day’s adventures and to think about what is to come tomorrow.

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