Raises the Resistance of Mucous Membranes

Smith Bros. Cough Drops - published in Redbook - January 1942

Smith Brothers Cough Drops – published in Redbook – January 1942
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While this is indeed from 1942, its style is at least 1920’s if not older.  As I recall, Smith Brothers didn’t really change its advertising style until the 1970’s after the brand was bought by F & F Foods…at which time its sales declined sharply as William and Andrew were heavily de-emphasized on the packaging.  Even with the terrible handling of one of the most iconic brand names in the country’s history, it has survived.  Under new ownership, Smith Brothers is making a big comeback and can now be found again from coast-to-coast.  This is just one of many examples showing that drastically changing such a storied brand — no matter how old-fashioned its image — usually leads to failure.

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