Texaco - Glenrio, Texas U.S.A. - July 17, 2008

Texaco – Glenrio, Texas U.S.A. – July 17, 2008
Copyright © Noel Kerns on Flickr. All rights reserved.
Found via the Vintage Texaco group pool

This abandoned Texaco station sits on the north side of Interstate 40 Exit 0 that still allows access to the almost-empty town of Glenrio that straddles the Texas-New Mexico border on old U.S. Route 66. It remains standing to this day and is still attracting photographers fascinated by its desolation.

This was the first photograph I ever found by Noel Kerns. His work with lighting and extended exposures in nighttime is fantastic. I strongly suggest going through his Flickr account that is linked above.

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