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As I have often said, the intent of my Radio page is to focus on stations that broadcast over the air. However, when an online-only stream is unique and of good quality, I can’t simply ignore it…and that’s especially true when it comes to "oldies" stations that have been disappearing in droves over the past few years in favor of the "classic hits" format where the Beach Boys and Supremes have been replaced by Phil Collins and Madonna.

Thankfully, more people will now know about RichBroRadio. I was not even aware of the station until this morning as I was going through my RSS feeds and read the latest post at By Ken Levine (a highly recommended blog if there ever was one). The station is run by the long-time disk jockey known as Rich Brother Robbin. He has been on a lot of different stations and, up until August of this year, was at "The Walrus" in the San Diego market before it also dropped all of its late 60s and early 70s songs in favor of 80s and 90s hits…not to mention playing the same Fleetwood Mac and Queen songs over and over again until projectile vomiting is absolutely assured.

(DISCLAIMER: I love both of those bands but I’d swear some of these "classic hits" stations are playing Dreams and Bohemian Rhapsody once every two hours just to annoy me personally knowing the vastness of both groups’ hit catalogs).

Running an online radio station is not cheap. Apparently, Robbin was about to pull the plug. At the last moment, and thanks to listener donations, he has decided to keep it going.

So…what is it that makes RichBroRadio so special as opposed to just going to one of the major streaming services for its oldies channel? Being a superb writer who’s almost innumerable credits include M*A*S*H, Cheers, and Frasier, Mr. Levine certainly says it best.

There are a lot of internet stations out there, and most are amateur and God awful. Rich Brother Robbin, who pilots the station, is a longtime radio veteran and has put tons of thought into his programming. Songs are placed in categories and air in different rotations. It’s not just a bunch of tunes in a library playing in a random shuffle. You won’t hear two ballads back-to-back, you won’t hear two instrumentals in a row, you won’t hear six Beatles records one hour and none for the next four days. You won’t hear "Surfin’ Bird" ever.

While Ken and I might differ on the need to have mass awareness of a certain avian variety, in just a short amount of time listening, it is obvious RichBroRadio has a deep song selection — always a key to getting on my Radio page. The addition of classic radio jingles from stations all over North America also goes a long way to making one feel like this is something alive rather than somebody just churning out a folder of mp3s.

Whether anybody reading this was around when these songs were new or has the open-mindedness to appreciate music no matter when it was made, RichBroRadio is hard to turn off.

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