Rock and Roll Christmas

The first Monday after Thanksgiving is when I would normally go into wall-to-wall Christmas mode. While I hope to get in a few more things in here before December 25th, this year will be more sparse on holiday posts.

I am still trying to get things rolling more regularly here again. Aside from being busy with and tired from work — plus I just lost several days having to look for a new Linux distribution (a long story for another day) — I am still dealing with the fact that finding things to share that are up to my standards took a back seat to running KoHoSo Radio 66.

While I once had over a year’s worth of posts in the queue, there are now just a mere handful. Even with KoHoSo Radio 66 having been gone since August, it’s going to take much more time before I can get that far ahead again.

In addition, it has become much more difficult to find good Christmas material. Many of the familiar names seen in the credits here over the past eight years have stopped scanning and posting vintage ads. This makes finding new material much more time consuming especially if it’s something I have to compile myself using screenshots taken at the Internet Archive or Google Books.

Despite all that, I want to kick off the Christmas celebration on my usual day. I’m going to cheat a bit by my rules and share a video instead of a picture. Aside from being a butt-kicking rock and roll song, to me, this shows what Christmas should really be — everybody getting together regardless of any classification and having nothing but pure fun.

Even if this isn’t your style of music, keep the spirit of this video in you mind and heart, and have yourself a rock and roll Christmas!

George Thorogood and The DestroyersRock and Roll Christmas – released December 1983
Video posted by Antonio Ted on YouTube

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