Snow in Banning

Banning, California USA - January 14, 1949

Banning, California USA – January 14, 1949 – Scan Copyright C Rick Donaldson (tonopah06) on Flickr. All rights reserved.

It’s sort of difficult to believe these days but it once regularly snowed as low as the San Gorgonio Pass. This Kodachrome slide was taken somewhere on Ramsey Street in Banning. At the time, it carried not only border-to-border U.S. Route 99 but also coast-to-coast U.S. Route 60 and U.S. Route 70 as they all had to traverse this relatively narrow pass (all now replaced by Interstate 10).

The filling station mostly cut off to the right is interesting to me because I cannot find good information on Century Gasoline. There are a significant number of listings under that name closer to central Los Angeles so perhaps Century is a "jobber" that has managed to survive through these many decades.

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