This page is presented as a public service providing quick access to local television station websites and Twitter feeds during "breaking news" events, most notably severe weather such as tornadoes and hurricanes. The listed stations are only those with news departments and/or likely to have a live video stream available.

The table is organized alphabetically by state/territory and, next to those, alphabetically by the main media market city. The Search box below can be used to narrow down the list. For example, entering just "arka" (minus the quotation marks) makes the table display only the stations in Arkansas.

This list is also available online at Google Maps and via a KMZ file through Google Earth. Some entries also contain reviews of station performance.
(U.S. Local Television News Links – Eastern/Central/Atlantic – Google Maps)
(U.S. Local Television News Links – Mountain/Pacific/Alaska/Hawai’i/Guam – Google Maps)

Google Earth KMZ file for U.S. Local Television News Links – Eastern/Central/Atlantic

Google Earth KMZ file for U.S. Local Television News Links – Mountain/Pacific/Alaska/Hawai’i/Guam

A key for the icons plus other explanations are listed below the table. Please read those before leaving a comment or sending an email as they cover common situations one might encounter when using this data.

AlabamaBirminghamWBMA  American Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
AlabamaBirminghamWBRC  Fox Broadcasting
AlabamaBirminghamWIAT  Columbia Broadcasting
AlabamaBirminghamWVTM  National Broadcasting
AlabamaDothanWDHN  American Broadcasting
AlabamaDothanWTVY-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
AlabamaHuntsvilleWAAY  American Broadcasting
AlabamaHuntsvilleWAFF  National Broadcasting
AlabamaHuntsvilleWHNT  Columbia Broadcasting
AlabamaHuntsvilleWZDX  Fox Broadcasting
AlabamaMobileWALA  Fox Broadcasting Company Meredith
AlabamaMobileWEAR  American Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
AlabamaMobileWKRG  Columbia Broadcasting
AlabamaMobileWPMI  National Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
AlabamaMontgomeryWAKA/WNCF  Columbia Broadcasting System   American Broadcasting
AlabamaMontgomeryWCOV-TV  Fox Broadcasting
AlabamaMontgomeryWSFA  National Broadcasting
AlaskaAnchorageKTBY/KYUR  Fox Broadcasting Company   American Broadcasting
AlaskaAnchorageKTUU  National Broadcasting
AlaskaAnchorageKTVA  Columbia Broadcasting
AlaskaFairbanksKATN  American Broadcasting
AlaskaFairbanksKFXF  Columbia Broadcasting
AlaskaFairbanksKTVF  National Broadcasting
AlaskaJuneauKATH-TV  National Broadcasting
AlaskaJuneauKJUD  American Broadcasting
ArizonaPhoenixKNXV  American Broadcasting
ArizonaPhoenixKPHO/KTVK  Columbia Broadcasting System Meredith
ArizonaPhoenixKPNX  National Broadcasting
ArizonaPhoenixKSAZ-TV  Fox Broadcasting
ArizonaTucsonKGUN  American Broadcasting
ArizonaTucsonKMSB/KOLD  Fox Broadcasting Company   Columbia Broadcasting
ArizonaTucsonKVOA  National Broadcasting
ArizonaYumaKECY  Fox Broadcasting
ArizonaYumaKSWT  Columbia Broadcasting
ArizonaYumaKYMA  National Broadcasting
ArkansasFort SmithKFSM-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
ArkansasFort SmithKHBS/KHOG  American Broadcasting
ArkansasFort SmithKNWA-TV/KFTA-TV  National Broadcasting Company   Fox Broadcasting
ArkansasJonesboroKAIT  American Broadcasting
ArkansasLittle RockKARK  National Broadcasting
ArkansasLittle RockKATV  American Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
ArkansasLittle RockKLRT  Fox Broadcasting
ArkansasLittle RockKTHV  Columbia Broadcasting
CaliforniaBakersfieldKBAK/KBFX  Columbia Broadcasting System Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
CaliforniaBakersfieldKERO  American Broadcasting
CaliforniaBakersfieldKGET  National Broadcasting
CaliforniaChico/ReddingKHSL-TV/KNVN  Columbia Broadcasting System   National Broadcasting
CaliforniaChico/ReddingKRCR/KCVU  American Broadcasting Company Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
CaliforniaEurekaKAEF/KBVU  American Broadcasting Company Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
CaliforniaEurekaKIEM  National Broadcasting
CaliforniaFresnoKFSN  American Broadcasting
CaliforniaFresnoKGPE  Columbia Broadcasting
CaliforniaFresnoKMPH  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
CaliforniaFresnoKSEE  National Broadcasting
CaliforniaLos AngelesKABC-TV  American Broadcasting
CaliforniaLos AngelesKCBS-TV/KCAL-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
CaliforniaLos AngelesKNBC  National Broadcasting
CaliforniaLos AngelesKTLA  The
CaliforniaLos AngelesKTTV  Fox Broadcasting
CaliforniaMontereyKION-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
CaliforniaMontereyKSBW  National Broadcasting
CaliforniaPalm SpringsKESQ-TV/KPSP-TV  American Broadcasting Company   Columbia Broadcasting
CaliforniaPalm SpringsKMIR  National Broadcasting
CaliforniaSacramentoKCRA  National Broadcasting
CaliforniaSacramentoKOVR/KMAX-TV  Columbia Broadcasting System   The
CaliforniaSacramentoKTXL  Fox Broadcasting
CaliforniaSacramentoKXTV  American Broadcasting
CaliforniaSan DiegoKFMB-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
CaliforniaSan DiegoKGTV  American Broadcasting
CaliforniaSan DiegoKNSD  National Broadcasting
CaliforniaSan DiegoKSWB-TV  Fox Broadcasting
CaliforniaSan FranciscoKGO-TV  American Broadcasting
CaliforniaSan FranciscoKNTV  National Broadcasting
CaliforniaSan FranciscoKPIX  Columbia Broadcasting
CaliforniaSan FranciscoKRON  My Network
CaliforniaSan FranciscoKTVU  Fox Broadcasting
CaliforniaSanta BarbaraKEYT  American Broadcasting
CaliforniaSanta BarbaraKSBY-TV  National Broadcasting
ColoradoColorado SpringsKKTV  Columbia Broadcasting
ColoradoColorado SpringsKOAA  National Broadcasting
ColoradoColorado SpringsKRDO-TV  American Broadcasting
ColoradoColorado SpringsKXRM  Fox Broadcasting
ColoradoDenverKCNC  Columbia Broadcasting
ColoradoDenverKDVR  Fox Broadcasting
ColoradoDenverKMGH  American Broadcasting
ColoradoDenverKUSA  National Broadcasting
ColoradoDenverKWGN  The
ColoradoGrand JunctionKJCT  American Broadcasting
ColoradoGrand JunctionKKCO  National Broadcasting
ColoradoGrand JunctionKREX/KFQX  Columbia Broadcasting System Fox Broadcasting
ConnecticutHartfordWFSB  Columbia Broadcasting System Meredith
ConnecticutHartfordWTIC-TV  Fox Broadcasting
ConnecticutHartfordWTNH  American Broadcasting
ConnecticutHartfordWVIT  National Broadcasting
D.C.WashingtonWJLA  American Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
D.C.WashingtonWRC-TV  National Broadcasting
D.C.WashingtonWTTG  Fox Broadcasting
D.C.WashingtonWUSA  Columbia Broadcasting
FloridaFort MyersWBBH  National Broadcasting
FloridaFort MyersWFTX  Fox Broadcasting
FloridaFort MyersWINK-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
FloridaFort MyersWZVN-TV  American Broadcasting
FloridaGainesvilleWCJB  American Broadcasting
FloridaGainesvilleWGFL/WNBW  Columbia Broadcasting System National Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
FloridaGainesvilleWOGX  Fox Broadcasting
FloridaJacksonvilleWJAX-TV/WFOX-TV  Columbia Broadcasting System Fox Broadcasting
FloridaJacksonvilleWTLV/WJXX  National Broadcasting Company   American Broadcasting
FloridaMiamiWFOR-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
FloridaMiamiWPLG  American Broadcasting
FloridaMiamiWSVN  Fox Broadcasting
FloridaMiamiWTVJ  National Broadcasting
FloridaOrlandoWESH  National Broadcasting
FloridaOrlandoWFTV  American Broadcasting
FloridaOrlandoWKMG-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
FloridaOrlandoWOFL  Fox Broadcasting
FloridaPanama CityWECP  Columbia Broadcasting
FloridaPanama CityWJHG  National Broadcasting
FloridaPanama CityWMBB  American Broadcasting
FloridaTallahasseeWCTV  Columbia Broadcasting
FloridaTallahasseeWTLH  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast Groupfox49.tvN/A
FloridaTallahasseeWTWC  National Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast Groupwtwc40.comN/A
FloridaTallahasseeWTXL  American Broadcasting
FloridaTampaWFLA-TV  National Broadcasting
FloridaTampaWFTS  American Broadcasting
FloridaTampaWTSP  Columbia Broadcasting
FloridaTampaWTVT  Fox Broadcasting
FloridaTampaWWSB  American Broadcasting
FloridaWest Palm BeachWFLX  Fox Broadcasting
FloridaWest Palm BeachWPBF  American Broadcasting
FloridaWest Palm BeachWPEC  Columbia Broadcasting System Sinclair Broadcast
FloridaWest Palm BeachWPTV  National Broadcasting
GeorgiaAlbanyWALB  National Broadcasting
GeorgiaAlbanyWFXL  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
GeorgiaAlbanyWSWG  Columbia Broadcasting
GeorgiaAtlantaWAGA  Fox Broadcasting
GeorgiaAtlantaWGCL-TV  Columbia Broadcasting System Meredith
GeorgiaAtlantaWSB-TV  American Broadcasting
GeorgiaAtlantaWXIA  National Broadcasting
GeorgiaAugustaWAGT  National Broadcasting
GeorgiaAugustaWFXG  Fox Broadcasting
GeorgiaAugustaWJBF  American Broadcasting
GeorgiaAugustaWRDW-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
GeorgiaColumbusWRBL  Columbia Broadcasting
GeorgiaColumbusWTVM  American Broadcasting
GeorgiaColumbusWXTX  Fox Broadcasting
GeorgiaMaconWGXA  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
GeorgiaMaconWMAZ  Columbia Broadcasting
GeorgiaMaconWMGT  National Broadcasting
GeorgiaSavannahWJCL-TV  American Broadcasting
GeorgiaSavannahWSAV  National Broadcasting
GeorgiaSavannahWTGS  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
GeorgiaSavannahWTOC  Columbia Broadcasting
GuamDededoKEQI  Fox Broadcasting
GuamHagåtñaKTGM  American Broadcasting
GuamHagåtñaKUAM-TV  National Broadcasting
Hawai'iHonoluluKGMB/KHNL  Columbia Broadcasting System   National Broadcasting
Hawai'iHonoluluKHON  Fox Broadcasting
Hawai'iHonoluluKITV  American Broadcasting
IdahoBoiseKBOI-TV  Columbia Broadcasting System Sinclair Broadcast
IdahoBoiseKIVI  American Broadcasting
IdahoBoiseKTVB  National Broadcasting
IdahoIdaho FallsKIDK  Columbia Broadcasting
IdahoIdaho FallsKIFI  American Broadcasting
IdahoIdaho FallsKPVI  National Broadcasting
IdahoLewistonKLEW  Columbia Broadcasting System Sinclair Broadcast
IdahoTwin FallsKMVT  Columbia Broadcasting
IllinoisChampaignWAND  National Broadcasting
IllinoisChampaignWCIA  Columbia Broadcasting
IllinoisChampaignWICS  American Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
IllinoisChampaignWRSP/WCCU  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
IllinoisChicagoWBBM-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
IllinoisChicagoWFLD  Fox Broadcasting
IllinoisChicagoWLS-TV  American Broadcasting
IllinoisChicagoWMAQ  National Broadcasting
IllinoisPeoriaWEEK  National Broadcasting
IllinoisPeoriaWMBD-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
IllinoisQuincyKHQA  Columbia Broadcasting System Sinclair Broadcast
IllinoisQuincyWGEM-TV  National Broadcasting
IllinoisRockfordWIFR  Columbia Broadcasting
IllinoisRockfordWREX  National Broadcasting
IllinoisRockfordWTVO/WQRF  American Broadcasting Company Fox Broadcasting
IndianaEvansvilleWEHT/WTVW  American Broadcasting Company The
IndianaEvansvilleWEVV  Columbia Broadcasting
IndianaEvansvilleWFIE  National Broadcasting
IndianaFort WayneWANE  Columbia Broadcasting
IndianaFort WayneWFFT  Fox Broadcasting
IndianaFort WayneWISE-TV  National Broadcasting
IndianaFort WayneWPTA  American Broadcasting
IndianaIndianapolisWISH-TV  The
IndianaIndianapolisWRTV  American Broadcasting
IndianaIndianapolisWTHR  National Broadcasting
IndianaIndianapolisWTTV  Columbia Broadcasting
IndianaIndianapolisWXIN  Fox Broadcasting
IndianaLafayetteWLFI  Columbia Broadcasting
IndianaSouth BendWBND  American Broadcasting
IndianaSouth BendWNDU  National Broadcasting
IndianaSouth BendWSBT-TV  Columbia Broadcasting System Sinclair Broadcast
IndianaTerre HauteWTHI-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
IndianaTerre HauteWTWO/WAWV  National Broadcasting Company American Broadcasting
IowaCedar RapidsKCRG  American Broadcasting
IowaCedar RapidsKFXA  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
IowaCedar RapidsKGAN  Columbia Broadcasting System Sinclair Broadcast
IowaCedar RapidsKWWL  National Broadcasting
IowaDavenportKLJB  Fox Broadcasting
IowaDavenportKWQC  National Broadcasting
IowaDavenportWHBF  Columbia Broadcasting
IowaDavenportWQAD  American Broadcasting
IowaDes MoinesKCCI  Columbia Broadcasting
IowaDes MoinesKDSM  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast Groupkdsm17.comN/A
IowaDes MoinesWHO-TV  National Broadcasting
IowaDes MoinesWOI-TV  American Broadcasting
IowaOttumwaKTVO  American Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
IowaOttumwaKYOU  Fox Broadcasting
IowaSioux CityKCAU  American Broadcasting
IowaSioux CityKMEG/KPTH  Columbia Broadcasting System Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
IowaSioux CityKTIV  National Broadcasting
KansasTopekaKSNT  National Broadcasting
KansasTopekaWIBW-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
KansasWichitaKAKE  American Broadcasting
KansasWichitaKSAS-TV  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
KansasWichitaKSNW  National Broadcasting
KansasWichitaKWCH  Columbia Broadcasting
KentuckyBowling GreenWBKO  American Broadcasting
KentuckyBowling GreenWNKY  National Broadcasting
KentuckyHazardWYMT  Columbia Broadcasting
KentuckyLexingtonWDKY  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
KentuckyLexingtonWKYT  Columbia Broadcasting
KentuckyLexingtonWLEX  National Broadcasting
KentuckyLexingtonWTVQ  American Broadcasting
KentuckyLouisvilleWAVE  National Broadcasting
KentuckyLouisvilleWDRB  Fox Broadcasting
KentuckyLouisvilleWHAS-TV  American Broadcasting
KentuckyLouisvilleWLKY  Columbia Broadcasting
KentuckyPaducahKBSI  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast Groupkbsi23.comN/A
KentuckyPaducahKFVS  Columbia Broadcasting
KentuckyPaducahWPSD  National Broadcasting
KentuckyPaducahWSIL  American Broadcasting
LouisianaAlexandriaKALB-TV  National Broadcasting
LouisianaAlexandriaKLAX-TV  American Broadcasting
LouisianaBaton RougeWAFB  Columbia Broadcasting
LouisianaBaton RougeWBRZ  American Broadcasting
LouisianaBaton RougeWVLA/WGMB  National Broadcasting Company Fox Broadcasting
LouisianaLafayetteKADN/KLAF-LD  Fox Broadcasting Company National Broadcasting
LouisianaLafayetteKATC-TV  American Broadcasting
LouisianaLafayetteKLFY  Columbia Broadcasting
LouisianaLake CharlesKPLC  National Broadcasting
LouisianaLake CharlesKVHP  Fox Broadcasting
LouisianaMonroeKNOE-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
LouisianaMonroeKTVE/KARD  National Broadcasting Company Fox Broadcasting
LouisianaNew OrleansWDSU  National Broadcasting
LouisianaNew OrleansWGNO  American Broadcasting
LouisianaNew OrleansWVUE  Fox Broadcasting
LouisianaNew OrleansWWL-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
LouisianaShreveportKMSS-TV  Fox Broadcasting
LouisianaShreveportKSLA  Columbia Broadcasting
LouisianaShreveportKTAL-TV  National Broadcasting
LouisianaShreveportKTBS  American Broadcasting
MaineBangorWABI-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
MaineBangorWFVX/WVII  Fox Broadcasting Company American Broadcasting
MaineBangorWLBZ  National Broadcasting
MainePortlandWCSH  National Broadcasting
MainePortlandWGME  Columbia Broadcasting System Sinclair Broadcast
MainePortlandWMTW  American Broadcasting
MainePortlandWPFO  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
MainePresque IsleWAGM  Columbia Broadcasting Systemwagmtv.comN/A
MarylandBaltimoreWBAL-TV  National Broadcasting
MarylandBaltimoreWBFF  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
MarylandBaltimoreWJZ-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
MarylandBaltimoreWMAR  American Broadcasting
MarylandSalisburyWBOC  Columbia Broadcasting
MarylandSalisburyWMDT  American Broadcasting
MarylandSalisburyWRDE  National Broadcasting
MassachusettsBostonWBTS  National Broadcasting
MassachusettsBostonWBZ-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
MassachusettsBostonWCVB  American Broadcasting
MassachusettsBostonWFXT  Fox Broadcasting
MassachusettsSpringfieldWSHM/WGGB  Columbia Broadcasting System American Broadcasting Company Meredith
MassachusettsSpringfieldWWLP  National Broadcasting
MichiganAlpenaWBKB  Columbia Broadcasting
MichiganDetroitWDIV  National Broadcasting
MichiganDetroitWJBK  Fox Broadcasting
MichiganDetroitWWJ-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
MichiganDetroitWXYZ-TV  American Broadcasting
MichiganFlintWEYI  National Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
MichiganFlintWJRT  American Broadcasting
MichiganFlintWNEM-TV  Columbia Broadcasting System Meredith
MichiganFlintWSMH  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
MichiganGrand RapidsWOOD-TV  National Broadcasting
MichiganGrand RapidsWWMT  Columbia Broadcasting System Sinclair Broadcast
MichiganGrand RapidsWXMI  Fox Broadcasting
MichiganGrand RapidsWZZM  American Broadcasting
MichiganLansingWILX  National Broadcasting
MichiganLansingWLNS  Columbia Broadcasting
MichiganLansingWSYM  Fox Broadcasting
MichiganMarquetteWJMN-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
MichiganMarquetteWLUC  National Broadcasting
MichiganTraverse CityWPBN/WGTU  National Broadcasting Company American Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
MichiganTraverse CityWWTV  Columbia Broadcasting
MinnesotaDuluthKBJR  National Broadcasting
MinnesotaDuluthKBJR-DT2  Columbia Broadcasting
MinnesotaDuluthKQDS  Fox Broadcasting
MinnesotaDuluthWDIO  American Broadcasting
MinnesotaMankatoKEYC  Columbia Broadcasting
MinnesotaMinneapolisKARE  National Broadcasting
MinnesotaMinneapolisKMSP-TV  Fox Broadcasting
MinnesotaMinneapolisKSTP-TV  American Broadcasting
MinnesotaMinneapolisWCCO-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
MinnesotaRochesterKAAL  American Broadcasting
MinnesotaRochesterKIMT  Columbia Broadcasting
MinnesotaRochesterKTTC  National Broadcasting
MinnesotaRochesterKXLT  Fox Broadcasting
MississippiBiloxiWLOX  American Broadcasting
MississippiBiloxiWXXV  Fox Broadcasting
MississippiColumbusWCBI-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
MississippiColumbusWTVA  National Broadcasting
MississippiGreenwoodWABG-TV  American Broadcasting
MississippiHattiesburgWDAM  National Broadcasting
MississippiHattiesburgWHLT  Columbia Broadcasting
MississippiHattiesburgWHPM  Fox Broadcasting
MississippiJacksonWAPT  American Broadcasting
MississippiJacksonWDBD  Fox Broadcasting
MississippiJacksonWJTV  Columbia Broadcasting
MississippiJacksonWLBT  National Broadcasting
MississippiMeridianWGBC/WMDN  Fox Broadcasting Company National Broadcasting
MississippiMeridianWTOK  American Broadcasting
MissouriColumbiaKMIZ  American Broadcasting
MissouriColumbiaKOMU  National Broadcasting
MissouriColumbiaKRCG  Columbia Broadcasting System Sinclair Broadcast
MissouriJoplinKOAM  Columbia Broadcasting
MissouriJoplinKODE/KSNF  American Broadcasting Company National Broadcasting
MissouriKansas CityKCTV  Columbia Broadcasting System Meredith
MissouriKansas CityKMBC  American Broadcasting
MissouriKansas CityKSHB  National Broadcasting
MissouriKansas CityWDAF-TV  Fox Broadcasting
MissouriSaint JosephKQTV  American Broadcasting
MissouriSaint LouisKDNL  American Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
MissouriSaint LouisKMOV  Columbia Broadcasting System Meredith
MissouriSaint LouisKPLR-TV  The
MissouriSaint LouisKSDK  National Broadcasting
MissouriSaint LouisKTVI  Fox Broadcasting
MissouriSpringfieldKOLR/KOZL  Columbia Broadcasting System My Network
MissouriSpringfieldKYTV  National Broadcasting
MontanaBillingsKSVI/KHMT-TV  American Broadcasting Company Fox Broadcasting
MontanaBillingsKTVQ  Columbia Broadcasting
MontanaBillingsKULR  National Broadcasting
MontanaBozemanKBZK  Columbia Broadcasting
MontanaButteKTVM  National Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
MontanaButteKWYB  American Broadcasting Company Fox Broadcasting
MontanaButteKXLF  Columbia Broadcasting
MontanaGlendiveKXGN-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
MontanaGreat FallsKFBB  American Broadcasting
MontanaGreat FallsKRTV  Columbia Broadcasting
MontanaHelenaKTVH  National Broadcasting
MontanaHelenaKXLH  Columbia Broadcasting
MontanaKalispellKCFW  National Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
MontanaMissoulaKECI  National Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
MontanaMissoulaKPAX-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
MontanaMissoulaKTMF  American Broadcasting
NebraskaKearneyKHGI  American Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
NebraskaLincolnKFXL-TV  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
NebraskaLincolnKLKN  American Broadcasting
NebraskaLincolnKOLN  Columbia Broadcasting
NebraskaLincolnKSNB-TV  National Broadcasting
NebraskaNorth PlatteKNOP  National Broadcasting
NebraskaOmahaKETV  American Broadcasting
NebraskaOmahaKMTV  Columbia Broadcasting
NebraskaOmahaKPTM  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
NebraskaOmahaWOWT  National Broadcasting
NevadaLas VegasKLAS  Columbia Broadcasting
NevadaLas VegasKSNV  National Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
NevadaLas VegasKTNV  American Broadcasting
NevadaLas VegasKVVU  Fox Broadcasting Company Meredith
NevadaRenoKOLO  American Broadcasting
NevadaRenoKRNV-TV  National Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
NevadaRenoKRXI  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
NevadaRenoKTVN  Columbia Broadcasting
New HampshireManchesterWMUR  American Broadcasting
New MexicoAlbuquerqueKOAT  American Broadcasting
New MexicoAlbuquerqueKOB  National Broadcasting
New MexicoAlbuquerqueKRQE  Columbia Broadcasting
New YorkAlbanyWNYT  National Broadcasting
New YorkAlbanyWRGB  Columbia Broadcasting System Sinclair Broadcast
New YorkAlbanyWTEN  American Broadcasting
New YorkBinghamtonWBNG  Columbia Broadcasting
New YorkBinghamtonWICZ  Fox Broadcasting
New YorkBinghamtonWIVT/WBGH  American Broadcasting Company   National Broadcasting
New YorkBuffaloWGRZ  National Broadcasting
New YorkBuffaloWIVB  Columbia Broadcasting
New YorkBuffaloWKBW  American Broadcasting
New YorkBuffaloWUTV  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
New YorkElmiraWENY-TV  American Broadcasting
New YorkElmiraWETM  National Broadcasting
New YorkElmiraWYDC  Fox Broadcasting
New YorkNew York CityWABC-TV  American Broadcasting
New YorkNew York CityWCBS-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
New YorkNew York CityWNBC  National Broadcasting
New YorkNew York CityWNYW  Fox Broadcasting
New YorkNew York CityWPIX  The
New YorkNew York CityWWOR  My Network
New YorkRochesterWHAM-TV  American Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
New YorkRochesterWHEC  National Broadcasting
New YorkRochesterWROC-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
New YorkSyracuseWSTM-TV/WTVH  National Broadcasting Company Columbia Broadcasting System Sinclair Broadcast
New YorkSyracuseWSYR-TV  American Broadcasting
New YorkSyracuseWSYT  Fox Broadcasting
New YorkUticaWKTV  National Broadcasting
New YorkUticaWUTR/WFXV  American Broadcasting Company   Fox Broadcasting
New YorkWatertownWVNC  National Broadcasting
New YorkWatertownWNNY  Columbia Broadcasting
New YorkWatertownWWTI  American Broadcasting
North CarolinaCharlotteWBTV  Columbia Broadcasting
North CarolinaCharlotteWCCB  The
North CarolinaCharlotteWCNC-TV  National Broadcasting
North CarolinaCharlotteWJZY  Fox Broadcasting
North CarolinaCharlotteWSOC-TV  American Broadcasting
North CarolinaGreensboroWFMY  Columbia Broadcasting
North CarolinaGreensboroWGHP  Fox Broadcasting
North CarolinaGreensboroWXII  National Broadcasting
North CarolinaGreensboroWXLV-TV  American Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
North CarolinaGreenvilleWCTI-TV  American Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
North CarolinaGreenvilleWITN  National Broadcasting
North CarolinaGreenvilleWNCT-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
North CarolinaRaleighWNCN  Columbia Broadcasting
North CarolinaRaleighWRAL-TV  National Broadcasting
North CarolinaRaleighWTVD  American Broadcasting
North CarolinaWilmingtonWECT  National Broadcasting
North CarolinaWilmingtonWWAY  American Broadcasting
North DakotaBismarckKFYR-TV  National Broadcasting
North DakotaBismarckKXMB  Columbia Broadcasting
North DakotaFargoKVLY-TV/KXJB  National Broadcasting Company   Columbia Broadcasting
North DakotaFargoKVRR  Fox Broadcasting
North DakotaFargoWDAY-TV  American Broadcasting
North DakotaGrand ForksWDAZ  American Broadcasting
North DakotaMinotKMOT-TV  National Broadcasting
OhioCincinnatiWCPO  American Broadcasting
OhioCincinnatiWKRC-TV  Columbia Broadcasting System Sinclair Broadcast
OhioCincinnatiWLWT  National Broadcasting
OhioCincinnatiWXIX  Fox Broadcasting
OhioClevelandWEWS  American Broadcasting
OhioClevelandWJW  Fox Broadcasting
OhioClevelandWKYC  National Broadcasting
OhioClevelandWOIO  Columbia Broadcasting
OhioColumbusWBNS-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
OhioColumbusWCMH  National Broadcasting
OhioColumbusWSYX  American Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
OhioColumbusWTTE  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
OhioDaytonWDTN  National Broadcasting
OhioDaytonWHIO-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
OhioDaytonWKEF/WRGT  American Broadcasting Company   Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
OhioLimaWLIO  National Broadcasting
OhioToledoWNWO  National Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
OhioToledoWTOL  Columbia Broadcasting
OhioToledoWTVG  American Broadcasting
OhioYoungstownWFMJ  National Broadcasting
OhioYoungstownWKBN-TV/WYFX-TV  Columbia Broadcasting System   Fox Broadcasting
OhioYoungstownWYTV  American Broadcasting
OhioZanesvilleWHIZ-TV  National Broadcasting
OklahomaOklahoma CityKFOR-TV  National Broadcasting
OklahomaOklahoma CityKOCO  American Broadcasting
OklahomaOklahoma CityKOKH  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
OklahomaOklahoma CityKWTV  Columbia Broadcasting
OklahomaTulsaKJRH  National Broadcasting
OklahomaTulsaKOKI  Fox Broadcasting
OklahomaTulsaKOTV  Columbia Broadcasting
OklahomaTulsaKTUL  American Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
OregonBendKTVZ  National Broadcasting
OregonEugeneKEZI  American Broadcasting
OregonEugeneKLSR-TV  Fox Broadcasting
OregonEugeneKMTR  National Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
OregonEugeneKVAL  Columbia Broadcasting System Sinclair Broadcast
OregonMedfordKDRV  American Broadcasting
OregonMedfordKMVU  Fox Broadcasting
OregonMedfordKOBI  National Broadcasting
OregonMedfordKTVL-TV  Columbia Broadcasting System Sinclair Broadcast
OregonPortlandKATU  American Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
OregonPortlandKGW  National Broadcasting
OregonPortlandKOIN  Columbia Broadcasting
OregonPortlandKPTV  Fox Broadcasting Company Meredith
PennsylvaniaErieWICU/WSEE  National Broadcasting Company   Columbia Broadcasting
PennsylvaniaErieWJET-TV/WFXP  American Broadcasting Company   Fox Broadcasting
PennsylvaniaHarrisburgWGAL  National Broadcasting
PennsylvaniaHarrisburgWHP-TV  Columbia Broadcasting System Sinclair Broadcast
PennsylvaniaHarrisburgWHTM  American Broadcasting
PennsylvaniaHarrisburgWPMT  Fox Broadcasting
PennsylvaniaJohnstownWATM  American Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast Groupabc23.comN/A
PennsylvaniaJohnstownWJAC  National Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
PennsylvaniaJohnstownWTAJ  Columbia Broadcasting
PennsylvaniaJohnstownWWCP  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast Groupfox8tv.comN/A
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaKYW-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaWCAU  National Broadcasting
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaWPVI  American Broadcasting
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaWTXF  Fox Broadcasting
PennsylvaniaPittsburghKDKA-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
PennsylvaniaPittsburghWPGH  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
PennsylvaniaPittsburghWPXI  National Broadcasting
PennsylvaniaPittsburghWTAE  American Broadcasting
PennsylvaniaWilkes-BarreWBRE/WYOU  National Broadcasting
PennsylvaniaWilkes-BarreWNEP  American Broadcasting
PennsylvaniaWilkes-BarreWOLF-TV  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
Rhode IslandProvidenceWJAR  National Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
Rhode IslandProvidenceWLNE  American Broadcasting
Rhode IslandProvidenceWPRI/WNAC  Columbia Broadcasting System   Fox Broadcasting
South CarolinaCharlestonWCBD  National Broadcasting
South CarolinaCharlestonWCIV  American Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
South CarolinaCharlestonWCSC  Columbia Broadcasting
South CarolinaCharlestonWTAT  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
South CarolinaColumbiaWACH  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
South CarolinaColumbiaWIS  National Broadcasting
South CarolinaColumbiaWLTX  Columbia Broadcasting
South CarolinaColumbiaWOLO  American Broadcasting
South CarolinaGreenvilleWHNS  Fox Broadcasting Company Meredith
South CarolinaGreenvilleWLOS  American Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
South CarolinaGreenvilleWSPA-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
South CarolinaGreenvilleWYFF  National Broadcasting
South CarolinaMyrtle BeachWBTW  Columbia Broadcasting
South CarolinaMyrtle BeachWMBF  National Broadcasting
South CarolinaMyrtle BeachWPDE  American Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
South DakotaRapid CityKEVN  Columbia Broadcasting
South DakotaRapid CityKNBN  National Broadcasting
South DakotaRapid CityKOTA-TV  American Broadcasting
South DakotaSioux FallsKELO-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
South DakotaSioux FallsKSFY/KDLT  American Broadcasting Company   National Broadcasting
TennesseeChattanoogaWDEF-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
TennesseeChattanoogaWRCB  National Broadcasting
TennesseeChattanoogaWTVC  American Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
TennesseeJacksonWBBJ  American Broadcasting
TennesseeJacksonWNBJ  National Broadcasting
TennesseeKnoxvilleWATE  American Broadcasting
TennesseeKnoxvilleWBIR  National Broadcasting
TennesseeKnoxvilleWTNZ  Fox Broadcasting
TennesseeKnoxvilleWVLT-TV  Columbia Broadcasting
TennesseeMemphisWATN-TV  American Broadcasting
TennesseeMemphisWHBQ-TV  Fox Broadcasting
TennesseeMemphisWMC-TV  National Broadcasting
TennesseeMemphisWREG  Columbia Broadcasting
TennesseeNashvilleWKRN  American Broadcasting
TennesseeNashvilleWSMV  National Broadcasting Company   Meredith
TennesseeNashvilleWTVF  Columbia Broadcasting
TennesseeNashvilleWZTV  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
TennesseeTri-CitiesWCYB  National Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
TennesseeTri-CitiesWJHL  Columbia Broadcasting
TexasAbileneKTXS  American Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
TexasAmarilloKVII  American Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
TexasAustinKEYE-TV  Columbia Broadcasting System Sinclair Broadcast
TexasBeaumontKBTV-TV  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
TexasBeaumontKFDM  Columbia Broadcasting System Sinclair Broadcast
TexasEl PasoKDBC  Columbia Broadcasting System Sinclair Broadcast
TexasEl PasoKFOX-TV  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
TexasHarlingenKGBT-TV  Columbia Broadcasting System Sinclair Broadcast
TexasSan AntonioKABB  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
TexasSan AntonioWOAI-TV  National Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
TexasWichita FallsKFDX/
UtahSalt Lake
UtahSalt Lake
UtahSalt Lake
UtahSalt Lake CityKUTV  Columbia Broadcasting System Sinclair Broadcast
Virgin IslandsCharlotte AmalieWMNScbstv2vi.comN/A
VirginiaRichmondWRLH  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
VirginiaRoanokeWSET  American Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
WashingtonSeattleKOMO-TV  American Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
WashingtonTri-CitiesKEPR  Columbia Broadcasting System Sinclair Broadcast
WashingtonYakimaKIMA  Columbia Broadcasting System Sinclair Broadcast
West VirginiaCharlestonWCHS-TV  American Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
West VirginiaCharlestonWVAH  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
West VirginiaWheelingWTOV  National Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
WisconsinGreen BayWLUK  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
WisconsinLa CrosseWLAX/
WisconsinMadisonWMSN  Fox Broadcasting Company Sinclair Broadcast
WyomingCheyenneKGWN  Columbia Broadcasting

Network Affiliation Icons

American Broadcasting Company – ABC  |  Columbia Broadcasting System – CBS  |  The CW – The CW  |  Fox Broadcasting Company – Fox  |  My Network TV – MNTV  |  National Broadcasting Company – NBC

Notable Ownership Icons

Meredith Corporation – Meredith  |  Sinclair Broadcast Group – Sinclair

Meredith Corporation – Signified by its multicolored cluster of M’s logo, stations owned by the Meredith Corporation are noted due to the company’s financial ties with the two men most popularly known as the Koch Brothers. While it should be strongly noted that the $640 million investment Koch Equity Group made in Meredith on November 26, 2017 to assist the company in purchasing Time Inc. did not give the Koch family a seat on Meredith’s board or any influence on its editorial decisions, potential users of their stations’ websites and Twitter feeds should be aware of the financial benefit the Koch Brothers receive when exposed to the advertisements and promotions presented by Meredith.

Sinclair Broadcast Group – Stations owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group are signified with a light blue "S" icon that is taken from the company’s full logo. While many Sinclair outlets offer the highest caliber of severe weather coverage, the company’s overall lack of journalistic integrity in forcing every station it owns to slant news toward its executive board’s selfish political agenda should be noted by any user going beyond one of their station’s live streams. In addition, be aware any visit to a Sinclair website or Twitter feed will be counted as positive support for their company.

NOTE 2021-08-28 10:16 AM PDT: The icons mentioned above are still being added to the list. With about one-third of the over 700 stations still to cover, completing this task will take some time as it is being done simultaneously with a re-verification of all links (the first full re-check since this list was first posted in Spring 2014). At this point, only stations alphabetically from Alabama through Tennessee have been fully completed. I apologize this is taking so long but, now that the project has resumed, it also includes making sure all sites that offer it are linked via HTTPS plus a behind-the-scenes re-coding so browsers will not fuss about the links opening in a new tab.

Not every station will stream during a breaking news event. It is a very hit-and-miss proposition that depends on too many factors to list here. One just has to try them all, come back later if none are streaming at that moment, and check Twitter feeds in case a station’s home page is not updated with the live streaming link (remember, having your own Twitter account is not required to view its feeds).

Television stations change their website address, Twitter handle, owner, and even call letters or network affiliations quite often these days. Please send me an email if any changes are noticed, a link is no longer valid, or a link redirects to a different address (not including intentional redirects such as how ends up at

Please be aware that almost every page containing a live television stream will be filled with web trackers. Some or all might require being allowed by one’s browser and/or privacy software in order to get the stream to work. It is up to each individual to decide if allowing such trackers is worth the exchange for being able to view the stream.

Despite its impending discontinuation by Adobe in 2020 and many security vulnerabilities, most live television streams are still presented in Flash. Depending on one’s browser, this might require settings adjustments and/or the installation of a browser extension (a.k.a. plug-in or add-on) in order to view the stream. The "Help" pages and/or forums for any browser will provide good assistance in how to get this accomplished.

DISCLAIMER: Clicking on any link above (or, anywhere else within this website) is done so solely at the user’s risk. cannot guarantee any link will remain valid, not direct to an unwanted destination, or not contain malware.

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