The Cat’s Back!

In addition to the usual Independence Day celebrations, rock radio fans in Sacramento and all over the world can also rejoice over the return of one of the great radio stations of all time — K-ZAP.


Click on the cat to visit the K-ZAP website!

The great thing about the return of the legendary K-ZAP to the airwaves (officially as KZHP-LP) is it will not be nothing but a rehash of its glory days as an underground/progressive rock station. The new K-ZAP will be a blend of the old and new, familiar and unfamiliar, but still with the many friendly, low-key, informative disk jockeys that should delight listeners of any age or location. It will also be non-commercial.

With today being its official grand opening, I’ve been listening all morning. Having spent most of my junior high and all of my high school years in Sacramento, I am in utter ecstasy to have K-ZAP back in a form that is so true to how I remember it. This is how rock radio should be — no talking down to the audience, no constant drive for the lowest common denominator, connected with its community, and having faith in its air staff.

Along with the top 40 style of KAAY in Little Rock, it was K-ZAP that made me want to get into radio. It is so wonderful to hear it return as something fresh and vital where I can both relive old memories and add new things to my personal soundtrack.

Even if one doesn’t have the emotional connection to K-ZAP that I do, it should delight anybody that loves rock-based radio. As a long-time K-ZAP ID used to say, it’s rock…and roll…and everything in between. I hope my readers will give it a listen.

The original KZAP cat logo from the station's days at 98.5 from 1968 through 1992.

The original KZAP cat logo from the station’s days at 98.5 from 1968 through 1992.

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