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ABC Fifties Ireland

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As I always seem to say in a post such as this, my Radio page is meant to focus on stations that still broadcast over-the-air. However, in the case of of any format that could be called "oldies" or "standards"…well, the fact is that radio station owners are running as fast as they can from those words. More and more, those looking for great music from the past are forced to turn to the Internet.

Even though a stream instead of a signal, I was very pleased to see a tweet from none other than the master of The House of Googie, Jordan (a.k.a. @CoalDominion) passing along to me a great online station called ABC Fifties Ireland.

With Jordan being from New Zealand, this is certainly a long way to go for this station to originate in Dublin to return to where most of the music it plays originated. It’s just another reason why I give thanks every day for the creation of that modern miracle, the World Wide Web, where things can be shared and enjoyed regardless of location.

ABC Fifties Ireland stands out as a 1950’s outlet because it plays all Fifties music and not just rock and roll. There are plenty of pop standards, some jazz, "easy listening" orchestral numbers, songs from soundtracks, country and western, and even a small sprinkling of novelty records.

With that type of a mix, this is mostly for times when one wants something more to the mellow side. I also want to point out a couple of slight imperfections so nobody is surprised by them.

Every once in a while, the station will suddenly deviate from the 1950s. Sometimes, this is some sort of odd commercial from Radionomy of which All Fifties Ireland is a part. Other times, it seems as if somebody accidentally added the wrong file to the playlist as, yesterday, I heard them playing Something by the Beatles. Most of all, this station will start playing automatically upon entering the site so have your volume adjusted accordingly.

All that being said, this station is well worth sitting through the occasional oddity. I especially recommend it to those who subscribe to Sirius XM satellite radio and lament how bad "The ’50s on 5" channel has become.

Before I close, let me mention Jordan one more time. If you like the type of vintage material I’ve been posting here daily for the past nine months, you owe it to yourself to go visit The House of Googie. Jordan not only puts up far more material than I do but also has a wonderful knack for adding some of the most hilarious captions and comments to his posts. He’s the source of some of the material seen here on so please give him at least a little of your browsing time. I completely assure you that, despite being a young man from New Zealand, Jordan knows his googie.

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