The Giant X is Back!

REVISED 2017.06.06: I am sorry but I can no longer recommend the online radio station that was previously the subject of this entry.

As an "oldies" station — especially one recreating the full experience of an old Top 40 outlet — it is certainly accurate to occasionally put down the competition. That was fully true history for this station as it had a very bitter rivalry with another Top 40 outlet in the same city. If you never experienced the days when radio stations went after each other both on the air and in the field, go find the "Fish Story" episode of WKRP in Cincinnati as it is not too far from things that actually happened and, in some ways, actually understates it.

That being said, "chirping" at your rivals only goes so far before it becomes repetitive and downright insulting to the listener. It certainly should not be happening during almost every break from the music. For me as a former professional member of the radio industry, it sounds as if somebody is trying to compensate for some perceived manly shortcomings.

Let me be clear that this is not about feeling KoHoSo Radio 66 or I personally have been insulted or cannot take the competition. After all, if I was so concerned about competition, why would I still list several other oldies stations on my Radio page?

As always when it comes to what outlets I list on my Radio page, it is all about what makes a truly good station. I am glad to list some of my oldies competitors because they are indeed good and offer blends different than mine…as I know everybody including myself wants different things at different times as not even I listen to my own station 24/7.

It simply comes down to this…when somebody believes it is OK to put down the musical tastes of others and do so almost every time the mic is opened, I don’t consider that to be good radio. Thus, this station is no longer recommended. There are better options for all of us.

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