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After tiring for the night of my second go-through on my Radio project, I decided to clean up and arrange some of the websites I had saved over the past few months while I was out on the road looking for a new job.  While going through these sites on various subjects, I found that I had saved a radio station that is special for two different reasons.

WGAG located in Princeton, West Virginia near Bluefield is mostly classified as an “oldies” station.  However, it is actually so much more.  It is one of the USA’s “low power,” “community” FM band stations so it has a great deal of freedom to open up its playlist…and open it up, it does.  In addition to a good portion of traditional oldies from artists like the Beach Boys, Beatles, and so on, there are a lot of other forgotten-by-commercial-radio songs especially in the genre of R&B.  They even throw in blues, some good country, and even a few more modern but still fitting tunes, thus making it an almost perfect station for this area of West Virginia.

The other special thing about WGAG is it is run by a non-profit organization called The Denver Foundation, an entity dedicated to helping the handicapped and disadvantage people living in the area where the station broadcasts.  The Denver Foundation was the final legacy set up by its namesake for his beloved adopted state, none other than the man most people know as the beatnik Maynard G. Krebs or, more likely, the habitually accident-prone Gilligan — yes, none other than Bob Denver.  The Gilligan connection is why WGAG is more popularly known as Little Buddy Radio.

This is truly a very wonderful legacy Denver left behind as it not only serves the community he adopted in his later years but also because it shows how he fully came to terms with something that is very difficult for many actors — finally embracing the role for which they were typecast for the remainder of their lives.  Bob was not always happy always being identified as Gilligan, but it seems his time in West Virginia especially after starting WGAG (on which he was a disk jockey for many years up until his death) mellowed that attitude to the point that he came to accept it and then relish it.

Whether or not one was a fan of Gilligan’s Island or The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, those that enjoy great variety in their oldies music and even hearing the disk jockey stray from that genre on occasion will certainly enjoy WGAG, Little Buddy Radio.

Bob Denver as Gilligan

Bob Denver as Gilligan

ADDENDUM 2013.08.18: The new Web address for WGAG Little Buddy Radio is  I have corrected it in the link above as well as on my Radio page.

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