Today’s Post Cancelled Due to Spam

I’m sorry to have let everyone down on a Monday but I had to cancel today’s post. I did not have time to dig up a replacement as I was busy working from home where Miss KoKo and I are also still digging out from this weekend’s snow and ice storm that hit the San Bernardino Mountains.

The reason I had to cancel is because one of my most favorite and trusted sources is suddenly generating an extra-double unwanted pop-up ad upon any click on that site. It is very important to me that any links I provide on this site not only state where they go but are also at least free of pop-ups, especially ones for things such as low-grade, unheard-of "dating" sites.

At this time, I do not know if this source has been spoiled by its host, hacked, or has turned to the dark side. Until I am certain, I will not reveal its name but will also not use it until there is an answer.

I will resume normal daily posting tomorrow. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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