What Rhymes with Regina?

Something I have not done for quite a while is add any new stations to my Radio page. With me wanting to keep away from any of the maddening commentary or half-assed jokes about the recent U.S. election, I looked north to our good friends (at least for now) in Canada.

As I was browsing my list, I realized I did not have any stations representing Saskatchewan. Upon a good listen, I have found two I knew about previously but that have improved to the point that they are now worthy of inclusion. Both are in the wonderful but still snicker-worthy market of Regina (yep, it’s pronounced with a long i).


Click the logo to visit the CHAB website!

CHAB which is licensed to Moose Jaw west of Regina is an unusual station for me to list for three reasons. First, it is an unique hybrid of a 60s and 70s oldies station combined with 80s music usually classified as classic hits. Second, it is an AM station, not only rare for me to list as so few play music these days plus something that is becoming more rare in Canada as they try to move more outlets to the FM band. Third, it is owned by a fairly large conglomerate that holds quite a few stations in Canada’s prairie provinces.

Despite being part of a big ownership group, I am quite impressed by the mix of music including a lot of Canadian artists that never received much attention in the United States. Yes, there are some real cheesy tracks they play now and again but, from what I have heard so far, those can be tolerated as what comes up next usually makes up for it.


Click on the logo to visit the CJTR website!

CJTR in Regina is yet another non-commercial community/variety station serving the under-served. Born out of the ashes of an attempt to create a radio station for the University of Regina, this station I have been watching on-and-off for quite a few years has now developed into something truly special. Unlike a lot of similar stations in both Canada and the United States, CJTR is not relying upon a ton of syndicated pseudo-news programming to fill its schedule. The lineup of music programs is extremely diverse. While I have not heard them all, the shows I have listend to all have competent hosts (something also often missing from similar outlets). Folks might not want to listen to CJTR 24/7 but it is certainly worth checking out and noting the schedule for one’s favorite types of music or to even try something new.

Overall regarding the Radio page…as I have been listening to many of those stations more frequently now that KoHoSo Radio 66 is on indefinite hiatus, there might be some deletions coming. In light of what I said above about CJTR not having a lot of non-music programming, I am starting to get tired of certain outlets that seem to be expanding theirs. As what I want out of this list is for people to be almost 100% assured of hearing music when they try one of the stations I recommend, there is likely a purge coming in the various "variety" categories.

Another station on which I am keeping a close eye is one of the two I recommended the last time I added stations to my list. Sadly, CKKQ in Victoria, British Columbia recently changed from its excellent mix of "classic rock" to more of what I would call an "active rock" format although they seem to call it "mainstream rock" (whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean). While "The Q" surprisingly retained its absolutely top-notch on-air staff, the music mix as I’ve heard it so far is uninspiring. I’m still trying to give this one a chance but don’t be surprised in the future when going through my archive to see strikeout type on half of that original post in addition to that station being removed.

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