Witch’s Tales

Witch's Tales - 1930s

Witch’s Tales – 1930s
Scan credit: Wonderful, Beautiful, and Strange Finds
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Found via @Bcast_Md (broadcastarchive-umd) on Tumblr

For followers of this site, KHJ in Los Angeles might be better remembered as the station that brought "Boss Radio" to North America rather than programs from that media’s golden age. However, KHJ had a very long and distinguished history well before it became a beacon of rock and pop.

After debuting in 1922, in the late 1920s and early 1930s, KHJ served as the west coast production hub for the Columbia Broadcasting System. When CBS purchased KNX in Los Angeles with its much more powerful signal, the station was bought by Don Lee who already owned another station that would later march at the forefront of the "Boss Radio" movement, KFRC in San Francisco. After Lee took over, KHJ affiliated with the Mutual Broadcasting System from which the Witch’s Tales (a.k.a. The Witch’s Tale) program originated. KHJ now carries Catholic programming.

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